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    Below are some of the questions we are asked most often about receiving an online education. Please feel free to call us at 775-353-6900 with any questions you have after reading through the information available on our website.

    1. What does it take to be a successful online student?

    There are a few qualities that seem to be consistent with successful online students. Typically, successful students are self-motivated, organized, and have a reading comprehension at or above grade level. A flexible virtual education gives more independence, but then also requires a higher level of responsibility.


    2. Is North Star really tuition-free?

    North Star is a public school in the Washoe County School District and full-time students attend school tuition-free. The curriculum is free along with online textbooks and required materials that are sent from the curriculum vendor. 

    • Textbooks at North Star are in digital format and available through the online Connexus platform.  
    • A very limited number of loaner computers are available by request.

    3. When and how do students access their classes?

    The schedule flexibility is one of the main benefits of getting a virtual education. Students can log into their classes when it works best for them, whether that be early in the day, late at night, after practice, before, or whenever it fits in their schedule. Students are expected to attend LiveLesson sessions when they are scheduled unless prior arrangements have been made. Students access their classes by using their individual login on the site that houses our curriculum. They can access their classes from anywhere as long as they have a computer and high-speed Internet.  Students should plan to work through their planner weekly, and complete all lessons assigned within that particular week.


    4. How do North Star students get social interaction? (In-person activities are currently on hold due to Covid-19)

    North Star provides a variety of ways for students to socialize while at school, in the computer labs, during open house, at class parties, during LiveLessons where the students and teachers learn together in an online classroom, and on field trips that include entire families, to name a few.


    5. Am I able to participate in activities at my zoned school? 

    Yes, you can take courses and be concurrently enrolled, as well as participate in athletics, extra-curricular activities, clubs, dances and other events and the zoned school's discretion.  Plesae work with the zoned school to arrange this for your child.  Please notify the North Star counseling team if your child will be concurrently enrolled.

    6. How many hours a day does a typical online student spend on their schoolwork?

    The amount of time a student spends working on their schoolwork each day is ultimately determined by the learning style and speed of the particular student, but as a general guideline, online students should expect to spend 4-6 hours per day on their schooling.


    7. Do colleges and universities accept credits from an online school?

    All colleges and universities will accept online credits from accredited institutions. North Star Online School is fully accredited so all of our students’ credits will be accepted.


    8. Are students required to go to campus? (All Campus visits are by appointment only due to Covid-19)

    All North Star students are required to come to campus for all mandatory State and District standardized assessments. (ACT, SBAC, Bioology, ACCESS, etc.)


    9. What school calendar does North Star follow?

    North Star follows the Washoe County School District Balanced Calendar.  Our school works on a semester schedule and our school week, for attendance purposes, runs from Saturday to Friday.

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