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    Are you ready to be a virtual student? Take a Readiness Survey and Find Out.

    Are you a good online student candidate? Take our Online Readiness Survey and find out!

       *   Online Readiness Survey for Grades K-6

       *  Online Readiness Survey for Grades 7-12

    If your point score is between:

    • 72-61: You are a great candidate for a virtual education.
    • 60-50: You are definitely a potential candidate for an online education; we’d love to talk to you.
    • 49-24: We recommend you talk with your school counselor about your survey results to determine if online learning is a good choice for you.


    Application Process

    Applications for 2019-20 Fall Semester will be accepted beginning in May, dates TBD. Please check our "School Calendar" in April for dates and times of information sessions that will be scheduled in May and June then call 353-6900 to reserve seats for one of the sessions.


    Only complete applications will be accepted. Do not withdraw from your current school unless you receive notification that you have been accepted into North Star Online School. Students and parents should follow the following process when applying to North Star Online School.

      1. Student and a Guardian Must Attend a North Star Information Session
    • An application cannot be approved without the student and parent attending a North Star Online School information session. Please contact North Star at 775-353-6900 for session scheduling. At the information session you will be given an overview of the school and the opportunity to ask questions.
    • Students not currently enrolled in a Washoe County School District school are asked to bring a transcript from their previous school.
    2. Download and Complete a North Star Online School Application (or pick one up at the school)
           Application for the 2018-2019 Spring Semester, please click here
                Also, download and Complete a Course Selection sheet to turn in with the application, click here
           Application in Spanish for the 2018-19 Spring Semester, click here
                 Also, download and Complete a Course Selection sheet to turn in with the application, click here

     3. Students Must be Registered with the Washoe County School District (WCSD)

    4. Students Living Out of the District (only) Need to Apply for a Student Variance
    • Nevada students living outside of Washoe County or students living in an adjoining state whose school district of residence adjoins with the Washoe County School District must also apply for a student variance.
    • Students living in the Washoe County School District DO NOT need to apply for a variance.
    5. Submit completed application and all supporting materials to North Star. Call North Star at 775-353-6900 with any questions.

            Mail to:   North Star Online School

                           5450 Riggins Ct. Suite 6

                           Reno, NV  89502

             Fax to:    775-689-2537
            Email to: sstrange@washoeschools.net  
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