English 7 & 8:  Students will build a foundation for college and career readiness. Students must read widely and deeply from among a broad range of high-quality, increasingly challenging literary and informational texts. Through extensive reading of stories, dramas, poems, and myths from diverse cultures and different time periods, students gain literary and cultural knowledge as  well as familiarity with various text structures and elements. By reading texts in history/social studies, science, and other disciplines, students build a foundation of knowledge in these fields that will also give them the background to be better readers in all content areas. Students can only gain this foundation when the curriculum is intentionally and coherently structured to develop rich content knowledge within and across grades. Students also acquire the habits of reading independently and closely, which are essential to their future success.  Senior classes will have some emphasis in British and some American and World Literature while sophomore classes will focus on World Literature and some American Literature.


    Learning Center: Students are given the opportunity to earn credit for previous unsuccessful coursework using the Edgenity online learning platform.  Students work at their own pace learning specific targets with the goal of completing coursework and assessments by a set target date.  Some students use Learning Center classes as a means of earning additional credits with a view of graduating ahead of their peers.


  • Students assigned Edgenuity courses through Distance Learning will notice that they have been scheduled for 9th period, but they might also be scheduled during another "off" period.  This does not mean that they must attend class during those time slots, as the scheduling is merely an administrative function.

    Many students have been working diligently to complete their assignments on Edgenuity but are unable to complete their courses because they have not taken unit tests, topic tests, and certain other exams.  These tests can only be taken on campus in my classroom or in another teacher's classroom who teaches a Learning Center.  If a student needs to take one of these tests, they may come to room 208 any day at lunch, during I.C., or after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays until 4:00 p.m.  It is best that they contact me by email to let me know when they want to take the exam at pnohrden@washoeschools.net.

    Please monitor progress and ensure that the course will be completed before the end of the semester.  It is easy for students to wait until the last minute to try to finish their course, which will likely result in poor performance and grades.  In some cases, incomplete courses can prevent a student from graduating on time. 

    The best way to reach me when you are not on campus is by email, pnohrden@washoeschools.net.  I will respond quickly.  I do not often monitor activity on Canvas, so if you try to contact me that way, you will likely wait too long for a response.

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  • Assignments for my English class that must be submitted to Turnitin.com should use the following information:

    Enrollment Key: Nohrden

    Class ID: 40531390

    Turnitin logo

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  • My classes finally populated on Canvas and you are free to log in and check it out.  You will see assignments and class announcements there.  Most assignments must still be submitted in paper form in the classroom unless otherwise instructed.  Also, please do not try to contact me via Canvas, as I rarely monitor that site.  The best way to reach me is always by email, pnohrden@washoeschools.net.

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