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    We have wonderful teachers and a great staff. We would love to answer all of your questions about learning online. Stop by and see us if you have time or give us a call. Click below for a map to our school.
    5450 Riggins Ct, Suite 6
    Reno, NV 89502
    Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
    PH:  775-353-6900
    FX:  775-689-2537
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    Katherine Hadley
    Mrs. Hadley enjoys getting to know all of the North Star students and families and firmly believes that learning should be fun. As Principal for the past 6 years, Katy has guided our online school in a very positive direction. Our graduation has improved from less than 65% to 100%!
    Vicki Hardy
    Vicki is our Dean who oversees mandated testing to ensure our students fulfill those requirements in order to graduate. She also provides support to all of our North Star Families in a variety of ways. She helps with school activities and works with faculty and staff to ensure the success of our students.   
    Marie Block
    Marie is our K-12 counselor who has 11 years of experience. We are happy to have her on our North Star team. She is here to help you with any academic, career and social/emotional needs. If you would like to meet with Ms. Block, please follow this link: Click here to schedule an appointment at your convenience. (You may need to use Google Chrome browser.) 
      Elementary, Middle School Teachers
    Michelle LaCasse
    K-6 Teacher
    This is my 6th year at North Star as the K-6 Grade Teacher.  I love working with my young students and parents to help them be successful at online school.  I try to enrich the educational experience with hands-on learning activities through field trips and blended lessons.  My goal is to encourage curiosity and instill a love of learning in my students.  I host the North Star Wolf Pup Club on campus for cooperative fun, socialization, and interactive learning activities.
    Paula Glogovac
    7-8 Teacher
    Mrs. Glogovac says online education is a big part of the future of education. She has been our Dean and now looks forward to teaching online and working with our 7th and 8th-grade students this year.  
      High School Teachers
    Rachel Cresci
    Science Teacher
    Mrs. Cresci is an energetic teacher that likes to challenge her students and create new and innovative ways to use our virtual education to help her students learn. She also encourages students to participate in hands-on science experiments as well as other scientific activities on campus.
     John John Devaney
    Math Teacher
    Mr. Devaney is our 10th-grade advisory teacher and teaches HS Math. He is more than willing to help each of his students understand all of the different math concepts. He has weekly Math Support for all HS math students and also coaches our successful Academic Olympics team.
    Mikayla Rankin
    Special Education
    Ms. Rankin is our 9th grade advisory teacher. As the Special Education teacher at North Star, Ishe works with students of all ages and loves to see new faces. Don’t be afraid to stop by her office and say hello! She helps with school activities and works to ensure the success of our students.   
    Johanna Riley
    Social Studies Teacher
    Mrs. Riley is our senior advisor along with Mrs. Voth. She is ready and willing to help you conquer your Social Studies course. She likes to assist students on tests and quizzes to model higher-ordered thinking skills, and she will show you how to write a thesis backed by accurate evidence and valid reasoning. Mrs. Riley is always excited to talk with her students about the content and current event.
     Nicole Nicole Sharp (formerly Nicole Leaf)
    Success Coach Teacher
    Ms. Sharp will greet you in the front office from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. She is our "Success Coach" and teacher who will help push you to be the best you can be. 
     Julie Julie (Voth) Stelzriede
    English Teacher
    I have been an online English teacher for 6 years and come from the traditional educational setting with 15 years of experience in HS & MS English. I am one of the Senior Advisors. I would like to encourage students to come on campus for blended lessons, clubs, and individual help in writing and reading. I am available by webmail, Remind, or phone. Hope to see you on campus soon! 
      School Staff
    Ed Tech & Attendance - ES/MS Lab
    Nadia Elgendy
    Site Facilitator
    Ms. Elgendy keeps our school clean and safe.  She is very attentive to the needs of a non-standard school campus, as well as to the other WCSD department offices in our building. She does a great job and we are happy to have her on our team.  
    Tammie Elges
    Ed Tech & Attendance - HS Lab
    Mrs. Elges is available to help you in the High School Computer Lab whether it is navigating the Connexus Website or troubleshooting a technical problem. She also runs weekly reports to help track progress and attendance.  
    Shannon Bourquin
    Administrative Assistant
    Ms. Bourquin came to North Star in January of 2020 and is a wonderful addition to our North Star Team! She has years of experience working in other WCSD schools. She answers phones, does bookkeeping, payroll, purchasing, and much more. 
    Sherrie Strange
    Ms. Strange will help enroll you in classes and she handles all of our final grades and transcripts. She keeps up to date on school policies and takes great care to be sure that our students' information is up to date and secure.


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