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  • February 19th and 20th

    Posted by Chris Fredrickson on 2/19/2020

    Today in class students completed pages 5 & 6 from the packet about the Eastern Front and pages 3 and 4 a pre World War I map activity Along with the post WWI map on pages 36 and 37.  Finally studetns need to complete pages 7 and 8 about the home front.

    Quiz Next Class

    (Study Word wall terms and notes from 43-46)


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  • February 14th and 18th

    Posted by Chris Fredrickson on 2/14/2020

    Today we took notes from pages 43-46 in the unit packet using this Road to WWI PowerPoint.  Next students need to complete pages 19 & 20 about the Western Front as well as pages 21 and 22 about the beginnings of WWI.  Here is a copy of the WWI Unit Packet

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  • February 10th to the 13th

    Posted by Chris Fredrickson on 2/11/2020

    On these days we watched the Film War Horse and did the word wall on the new unit packet.

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  • February 4th to the 7th

    Posted by Chris Fredrickson on 2/4/2020

    Today students had to complete their DBQ essay "What were the Underlying Causes of WWI?"

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  • February 3rd

    Posted by Chris Fredrickson on 2/3/2020

    Today there was a sub and with the sub 4th period and 6th period they needed to complete chapter 25 section 1 sections assessment questions #'s 1-8.

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  • January 30th and 31st

    Posted by Chris Fredrickson on 1/29/2020

    Today we completed the remaining pages from the pre-write packet and we will begin to write the essay next class.

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  • January 28th and 29th

    Posted by Chris Fredrickson on 1/27/2020

    Today we continued with the DBQ Pre-Write Packet and completed through Page 14.

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  • January 24th and 27th

    Posted by Chris Fredrickson on 1/24/2020

    Today in class we talked about what solid evidence and extensive reasoning should look like for our essay that we'll be crafting upon completing the DBQ.  Here are some examples.  We then completed pages 7-10 in the prewrite packet.

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  • January 22nd and 23rd

    Posted by Chris Fredrickson on 1/21/2020

    Today in class students took notes on the MAIN causes of WWI.  The acronym MAIN refers to Militarism, Alliances, imperialism and Nationalism.  The notes were done on page 3 of the Analytical Prewrite Packet We used this PowerPoint to get the definitions.  Next students received the DBQ packet.  We read the background essay and reviewed the MAIN cause of WWI.  Students were to preview the documents and speculate if the doc related to which MAIN cause.  We will  later discuss how each doc is connected to a MAIN cause. Finally studetns were to completed pages 4-6 on the pre-write packet.

    Here is the link to the following:

    DBQ packet with the MAIN causes hand written on each doc

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  • January 17th and 21st

    Posted by Chris Fredrickson on 1/17/2020

    Today students completed the Industrial Revolution Unit Test and turned in their unit packets.  Then we watched a video on WWI using this worksheet.  The link to the video is here.

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