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    Q:  Is my child zoned for Hug High School?
    A:  Use the WCSD School/Transportation search tool to find your child's zoned school and transportation information. 
    Q:  Is my child in school?
    A:  Contact the main office at 321-3200.  A staff member will check Infinite Campus for you.
    Q:  Who can I talk to about my child's grade, attendance, and progress?
    A:  Contact your child's counselor, any of our administrators, or the main office.  You can also contact your child's teacher.  All staff email addresses and phone extensions are listed on the Staff Directory page of the website.
    Q:  What kind of help does the school have for my child?  Is tutoring available?
    A:  Contact the main office.  A staff member can give you information or put you in touch with the person who will be able to answer your question.
    Q:  What should I do when my child doesn't want to go to school?
    A:  Contact the Reno Police Department and report your child as incorrigible.
    Q:  Can school police pick up my child and take him/her to school?
    A:  No.  If your child refuses to go to school, contact the Reno Police Department and report him/her as incorrigible.
    Q:  Where can my child get a transcript?
    A:  Contact the main office and ask to speak to the registrar.  To order a transcript online, click here or use the Transcript link on the navigation menu on our website.
    Q:  Where can I get a copy of the student/parent handbook to get information about the dress code, field trips, credit requirements, etc.?
    A:  Click here for access to the WCSD Student/Parent handbook.