Damonte Ranch Performing Arts Center Home Page

  • Welcome to the Damonte Ranch High School Performing Arts Center (PAC)!

    DRHS PAC Program

    PAC is currently the only performing arts Signature Academy in the Washoe County School District, providing advanced education and training in Orchestra, Band, Choir, Drama, Technical Theatre, and Dance.



    To sign up for a PAC audition, please email PAC department chair Jennie Tibben jtibben@washoeschools.net .  Auditions for Dance are Friday, January 19.  For Music and Drama/Acting, auditions are Saturday, January 20.  Please be careful to include in your email if you want a MUSIC, DRAMA or DANCE audition.  

    Reminder: Technical Theatre students DO NOT need to sign up for an audition!

    ----Theatre PAC Audition----

    Acting: Two contrasting monologues from published plays performed in less than 3 minutes

    Musical Theatre: one monologue and one song, both performed in less than 3 minutes (must bring music on CD or iPod—no a capella singing will be permitted).

     NO AUDITION for Technical Theatre.


    ----Dance PAC Audition----

    Dress appropriately for the audition: Leotards and tights are preferred, but stretch pants, leggings or yoga style pants are acceptable.  Shoes -- Ballet, jazz or “dance paws”

    1) Students will partake in a dance class consisting of ballet and jazz.

    2) After a short warm up and movement sequences across the floor, students will learn a short dance combination to be performed in small groups.

    3) One minute solo piece of choreography that he/she will perform that best displays his/her talent or any special skills. CDs/Ipods are acceptable. No live streaming is available.


     ----Music PAC Audition----

    Band & Orchestra:

    All students will need to play a prepared solo, étude, or exercise (4 minutes or less) and sight-read. Students must provide a copy of their audition piece for review during the audition. In addition: 

    1. Brass/Woodwinds: Major Scales in Concert Pitch: Ab, Bb, C, F and chromatic (2 or more octaves when appropriate).
    2. Percussion: Batterie percussion: Single stroke roll (slow-fast-slow), Double stroke roll (slow-fast-slow), Alternating Flams, Double Paradiddle, Alternating 5, 7, 9, & 17 stroke rolls. Mallet percussion: will have the same requirements as Brass/Woodwinds. Timpani is optional.
    3. Strings: Students will be required to play their two best scales, two to three octaves, and chromatic, two octaves.



    A prepared classical piece (folk song, hymn, art song or aria). Visit http://artsongcentral.com/songindex for a list of possibilities. No popular, Top 40 or musical theater. You may bring a piano or karaoke accompaniment, no singing a cappella. There will also be vocalizing, sight-reading and rhythm reading. 



    Please email jtibben@washoeschools.net with any questions about auditions.