Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Parkhurst

Art is my passion. It is visual language that can communicate despite barriers of language, culture, time, and space. It is a means of self expression, creativity, therapy, meditation and more. Art gives people an opportunity to express one's individuality and inventiveness in ways that other subjects don't allow and to me that is exciting.


Education and Career

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art Education from Boise State University and Masters credits in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University. For my BFA my Major was Art education with a minor in Sculpture but took many classes in a wide variety of media and techniques. I am knowledgeable in printmaking, painting, ceramics, drawing, metal welding, casting, and smithing just to name a few. 

I have been teaching art for 11 years. The first 5 years I taught in Elko County School District. I moved to Reno and started teaching in Washoe County School District and have been teaching here for 6 years.

About Me

I am a mother, daugther, sister, and adventurer. I have three children ages 4, 11, and 18. I have a fraternal twin sister who just moved to Boston from Reno. I have lived in Reno for 5 years. I love animals and have numerous pets including a cat, a dog, and 7 chickens. Someday I hope to have a bunny, a horse, a goat, and a cow. Hopefully by then I have a bigger back yard too!.