• HELLO PARENTS! You are an integral part of your student's success for sure and we appreciate being partners with you on your student's school journey. 

    The library is an essential service that students need for success.  The librarian is here to assist your child in a multitude of ways including locating books for leisure reading, finding books for required reading, navigating research, using computers, finding materials for projects, and engaging in activities that appeal to their creative sides through circuitry, drone use, VR headsets, and more! (these last items are on hold for now due to Covid-19, but hopefully available soon!) The library is also just a great, safe place to be for any student just looking for somewhere to relax.

    Although the pandemic has changed the way the library functions right now, we are still here for the students (altough at less capacity than normal) and look forward to when we can again welcome the masses. :) 

    Below are some links to helpful sites.  Learning Express also has guides and tools for adults.  Check it out!

  • Here is a link to the New York Times Adolescence site.  They provide some interesting information and insight into raising teens :) 

Last Modified on September 9, 2020