• CASE Academy Pathways

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    Ag Resource Management

    Ag Resource Management involves students in the plant and animal side of agriculture. We all need to eat so we grow our own food and learn about various animals in the industry. This is also a good option for students interested in careers such as veterinarian, florist, horticulturist, food scientist, marine biologist, genetic engineer.

    Ag Resource Management classes

    Agriculture Science I
    This is the introductory class which allows students to explore agriculture as a whole, FFA, business and marketing, and plant science through various experiments. This is a prerequisite for any advanced classes in the pathway.

    Plant Science/Ornamental Horticulture
    This is a level two class which allows students to spend the majority of their time in the commercial-sized greenhouse. In the fall semester, students grow poinsettias from starters and sell them in December. In the spring semester, students focus on growing garden starts to sell in May. They also grow their own fruits and vegetables.

    Agriculture Science II
    This is a level two class focused on animals. Students learn about livestock such as horses, cattle, swine, sheep, goats, along with poultry, game animals, and companion animals like dogs and cats. This is a great class for students interested in vet medicine!

    Greenhouse Management
    This is the level three class focused on managing a commercial-sized greenhouse. Students are in charge of various systems such as hydroponics and aquaponics while also helping the Plant Science students manage their projects.

  • Metals

     Ag Engineering

    Agriculture Engineering and Power Systems allows students to gain experience in engineering, design and technical fields. This includes experience in power systems, multi process arc welding, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, and plumbing.

    Agricultural Engineering Classes

    Agricultural Mechanics Technology I  (AMT I)
    This is the introductory class for both of the mechanical pathways and is intended for freshman level members. Students will complete units in the following: Shop Safety, the National FFA Organization, Residential Electrical Wiring, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, and Basic Plumbing. 

    Advanced Agricultural Mechanics II-III and AS 
    These classes are intended for dedicated students and require a significant commitment. Students enrolled in these project-based courses will gain experience in: power systems maintenance, GMAW and GTAW welding, certification seminar, construction engineering, leadership through FFA, and metal fabrication. Students enrolled in Advanced AMT are required to be active participants in our FFA Chapter and maintain an active community service project.

    Diesel Technology I-III
    This three-year program can be started after a student satisfactorily completes Agriculture Mechanics I. This is a project-based class that focuses on diesel and gasoline power systems maintenance. Students enrolled in this rigorous program should expect to spend considerable time outside of class working on experience projects and community service.