DRHS Band Fair Share

  • So, what is “Fair Share” ???

    Fair Share” is the term bands use to explain Fees. There are many costs associated with preparing music, drill, uniforms, props, transportation, and instructors so each Marcher will have an incredible experience. Because the costs for some field positions may actually be greater than the field position of another student (a sousaphone costs more than a piccolo… or band players don’t spin rifles but the guard is amazing at throwing rifles and spinning flags & sabers), we don’t believe individual students should incur those costs alone. Therefore, the annual budget is divided equally among all marchers and the cost is equally shared as the “Fair Share” cost to participate in Marching Band.

    There is a payment schedule for Marching Band which is determined by the planned events for the season. Transportation and hotel deposits have to be made well in advance of travel dates. Around October is a critical phase of the DRHS Marching Band Program. Local area marching band competitions as well as out-of-state travel to California competitions are finalized and paid for by the money which are collected through each band student’s Fair Share payment. It is essential that all students participating in DRHS Marching Band meet the commitment of paying their Fair Share payments which are broken down into 3 payments for the 2018 season:

    • July 27:  $ 250.00 due
    • Aug. 1:   $ 250.00 due
    • Sept. 18: $ 150.00 due

    Fair Share payments can be supplemented or even paid for by students and families by participating in fundraising activities organized by your Band Parent Organization. Each fundraiser contributes a percentage toward your Fair Share that you can find reflected in your child's Charms account. If your family finds that after fundraising you are still challenged to meet your child’s Fair Share, please reach out. Scholarship Applications are available for partial scholarships. If you are unable to make the payment timeline, please communicate with the Band Director or the BPO’s Treasurer to create a payment plan that works best for you. It's helpful to know in advance so we can plan funds to meet the costs incurred during the season.

    These marching competition events provide an opportunity for ALL students to be involved in a learning activity that will help build individual pride and confidence as well as teamwork while participating in and building the DRHS band program.  The students learn life-long lessons by being involved in this opportunity.

    The students eagerly anticipate the DRHS Marching Band Competition phase of the season.  They have worked hard individually and as a group to be able to perform in as many local and out of state competitions as possible. Our goal is to continually offer each student the opportunity to participate in the DRHS Marching Band program that offers an endless supply of rich learning experiences.

    Thank you for supporting the DRHS Band program.  The financial aspect is just one way we can support our children’s success.  Thank you for ALL you do!!

    Damonte Ranch Band Parent Organization