DRHS Band Parent Organization (BPO)


    As the Damonte Ranch Band Parent Organization (BPO), our mission is to encourage, promote and support the activities of our school’s outstanding music program for the benefit of all performers. This organization strives to create and foster positive channels of communication among all Damonte Ranch Band Parents.

    Band Parent Organization Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month throughout the year at 5:30pm, just before the General Band Parent Organization Meeting at 6:30pm, unless otherwise noted. General BPO Meetings are held in the Band Room starting at 6:30pm on the second Wednesday of the month.

    EXECUTIVE BOARD (2018-2019)

    All Band Parent Organization Board positions shall be for a term of one year, and hold 1 of the 5 deciding votes on agenda items. Band Parent Organization Board Meetings are open to all band students and family members and will be held monthly on Wednesdays from 5:30 – 6:30, or during a time to not conflict with monthly Band Parent meetings.

    PRESIDENT:  Jennifer Parlane (775-815-9583)

    The President presides at all Band Parent Organization Meetings. The President supervises the affairs of the BPO and the activities of the officers.  The President oversees all aspects of the BPO program, calls meetings of the membership and executive committee when necessary, and performs other duties as requested by the executive committee. The President reviews all new proposed projects with the Band Director, and works with the Band Director and Treasurer to present a proposed budget in May. The President also serves as a co-signer on organization funds. The President is the chair of the annual Nominating Committee meeting in May and prepares an end-of-year report to aid the incoming President.

    VICE-PRESIDENT: Steve Gibson

    The Vice-President assists the President, assumes the duties of the President in that officer's absence, and performs other duties as requested by the executive committee. The Vice-President is a liaison to connect with and assist all committee chair positions in carrying out their duties. The Vice-President works closely with the Travel Chair to coordinate chaperones, student travel paperwork, bus assignments, and hotel oversight.

    VICE-PRESIDENT of Fundraising: Kandice Simpkins

    The Vice-President of Fundraising coordinates and oversees all Band Parent Organization fundraising opportunities. The VP of Fundraising oversees all Sponsorships and Grants, distribution of materials, sponsorship recognition/advertising. The Vice-President of Fundraising keeps records of student collection of monies, works with the Treasurer to distribute funds in student Charms accounts if applicable & account for monies received and expenses incurred. The VP of Fundraising works with the Secretary to carry out contractual obligations for corporate sponsors, The VP of Fundraising keeps records of annual fundraisers’ calendar, paperwork associated with events, ledgers of profits of each event, and communicates the calendar of activities during membership and executive meetings. The VP of Fundraising prepares an end-of-year report to aid the incoming Vice-President of Fundraising.

    SECRETARY:  Wendy Allison

    The Secretary creates the agenda for Booster meetings in coordination with the President one week prior to meeting. The Secretary records minutes of all executive committee and general membership meetings, submits minutes for approval at successive meetings, and prepares correspondence of the organization. The Secretary keeps all original records and documents of the Boosters, including contractual agreements, correspondence received, by laws and by law revisions, and documents created for the organization. The secretary also manages student and parent information forms, manages all student DRHS Band Handbook forms and maintains the Band Parent Organization section of the DRHSband.org website. Finally, the Secretary prepares an end-of-year report to aid the incoming Secretary. .

    TREASURER - General Accounting:  Donna Hadley (775-229-3807)

    The treasurer is the custodian of all funds of the Booster organization, records all financial matters of the organization, serves as cosigner on organization funds, and collects receipts and bills for all Band Booster disbursements. The Treasurer gives to the general membership, at each regular meeting, a full report of all accounts. The Treasurer also performs other duties as requested by the executive committee. The Treasurer prepares an end-of-year report to aid the incoming Treasurer.


    CHAIR PERSONS (2018-2019)

    Chair Positions are NON-VOTING positions that work directly with Ms. Blahnik and the BPO President to perform a specific function during the school year. Chair positions are selected by Ms. Blahnik and the BPO President and are voluntary for 1 calendar year.-

    Band Day (2 events – Sept, Dec) – Geoffrey Parlane (775-544-3436). Organize this fundraising event where students knock on doors in the DRHS school zone to ask for donations. Organize zone maps, driver and chaperone duties & schedule volunteers, update public fliers, and prepare envelopes.

    Banquet (Feb – May) – Kandice Simpkins & Lacie Stephenson. Organize the end of year band banquet. Coordinate food, volunteers, donations, invitations, decorations, set-up, help with senior and participatory recognitions, and reservations.

    Craft Fair (mostly Nov - Dec) – Jennifer Parlane & Jen Szostak. Organize the annual Craft Fair. Create vendor entry forms, coordinate vendors, collect and submit entry fees, coordinate volunteers, coordinate advertising/signage. On the day of the Fair, manage vendor check-ins, coordinate booths, volunteers, and oversee clean-up.

    Damonte Marching Invitational (Aug - Oct) – Wendy Allison, Kandice Simpkins & Donna Hadley. Coordinate all events associated with the annual Marching Competition DRHS hosts.  Oversee competing band’s paperwork, hiring of judges, hiring of announcer, arrange travel/hotel/food for judges, prepare a program to publish, coordinate all DRHS volunteers to host the event.

    Food – Jen Szostak (775-345-4897) & Tim Hadley (775-997-3440). Coordinate all band meals – including preparation, serving, and clean up. Coordinate menu, purchasing supplies, post Charms volunteer needs, coordinate volunteers. Coordinate snack bar for DMI & Craft Fair.

    Props/Equipment (July – Nov), (Jan – March) – Tom Martz. Acquire materials and build props as needed.  Coordinate transportation of props and instruments to and from competitions, and repair props and instruments (when possible) as necessary.

    Travel – Debbie Martz & Heather Eckhart.  Coordinate & organization travel for all trips. Arrange bus reservations, make hotel reservations for all DRHS ensemble trips, plan locations for meals or free time, arrange transportation for bus drivers to/from hotels during competitions when necessary.

    Uniforms (June –Nov) – Rhodelyn Galera & Jennifer Parlane. Dress the band. Organize fitting students, manage volunteers, order uniform parts, sewing alterations & accessories, coordinate washing, oversee check-out/return of uniforms, oversees travel of uniform parts.

    Volunteer Coordinator – Jane Regan. Manage volunteer fingerprinting and paperwork, ensure that families can connect to the band program via charms, and help to provide lists of eligible chaperones, drivers, and volunteers.  Additionally, providing chaperone expectations and descriptions of duties for travel.

    Winter Drumline – Rhodelyn Galera.  Assist Director in coordinating winter Drumline competitions, travel, chaperoning, and work with Vice-President of Fundraising for specific winter Drumline fundraisers.

    Winter Guard - Stacia Lynch (507-259-6121) & Laura Epperson (775-250-5357). Assist Director in coordinating winter Guard competitions, travel, chaperoning, and work with Vice-President of Fundraising for specific winter Guard fundraisers.