Irwin's Story

  • Irwin is an Australian Bearded Dragon. He was born in 2008.  He was named after our favorite Aussie wildlife conservationist.  His favorite food is crickets and he really likes it when you feed them to him by hand and he loves hanging out on his rock under his heat lamp.

Kaa's Story

  • Kaa was named after the snake in the Disney movie The Jungle Book and was my child's pet until he went away to college and is now our classroom pet.  He was born in 2002.

Ruby's Story

  • Ruby was rescued from a student whose parent really just didn't want her in the house.  She was only about 6 inches long when we got her and really skinny.  That was in 2006.   Within a few months she was growing and feeling much better.  She is now 3.5 ft long and love hiding under the substrate.  She is an albino corn snake.

Geico's Story

  • Geico is a leopard gecko, the only non climbing gecko.  He was born in 2000 which makes him almost 18 years old and still going strong.  His favorite food is crickets and he will greet you at the enclosure door and help you open the bag to release the crickets.  Even though he is really old, he is doing great and is very interactive.

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