Innovations High School
  • A Message from our Principal...



    July 11, 2022 

    Dear Innovations High School families, 

    I am writing to welcome all of you to our 2022-2023 school year!  We are very pleased to have your child as a part of our learning community.  We will work hard to ensure that they receive a quality education that prepares them for opportunities beyond high school.   

    This year, we will be focused on the following areas of improvement so that we can grow as a school: 

    • We will improve our aggregate daily attendance to 97%.   This will require that all scholars attend school daily.  We will aim to eliminate chronic absenteeism. 
    • We will eliminate excessive scholar tardies so that we are maximizing educational time. 
    • We will aim to ensure that all scholars are submitting assignments on time so that advisors can use assessments to better plan instruction. 
    • We will work to ensure that our academic challenge in all classes prepares our students for opportunities beyond high school. 


    Please note that we will change the lunch policy at Innovations for the coming school year to support these goals.  In recent years, we have had an open campus, meaning that all scholars have been permitted to leave school for lunch.  This has resulted in significant numbers of scholars returning late or not returning at all.  We will begin the school year with a closed campus.  Scholars who achieve our attendance goal will receive a lunch pass to leave the campus.   


    Lastly, we want to share our new bell schedule for the coming year.  Please find it attached to this letter.  You will note that our school day will begin at 9:00 am and end at 3:45 pm. We have pushed the day back an hour to offer a “zero period” so our scholars can take an additional class to earn more credits during each semester.  By doing so, scholars will be able to earn as many credits on this year’s semester schedule rather than the trimester schedule. 

    In the coming year, we will be hosting a monthly parent meeting to keep all of you apprised of our work.  We will also be initiating a school Leadership Team that will meet monthly.  This Leadership Team will be comprised of administration, scholars, advisors and parents.  This team will make decisions that inform school policy and the direction of our growth in the future. 

    Once again, welcome to our Innovations High School community and thank you for entrusting us with your children.  I look forward to a great school year and hope to get to know all of you as we move through the year. 



    Michael Bradley - Principal