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    Course Description: EL mainstream support provides assistance to EL students enrolled in mainstream academic classes leading to graduation. The course offers tutoring or additional support to address specific language and content difficulties for ELs enrolled in academic classes. Specific objectives for this course will vary based on students’ individual linguistic needs, academic skills, and mainstream course content. The EL teacher will assist/tutor students on an as-needed basis to facilitate academic success. Students will be required to bring assignments and texts from their mainstream classes and will be expected to use class time effectively. Everyday will be an opportunity to improve and produce.

    Goal:  To facilitate the English development and mastery of our EL learners through direct instruction, collaboration with content teachers and communication with parents. Learning will focus on academic success, language acquisition in all four domains, student skills, and skills for post secondary preparation and life success.


    Objectives:Students will be able to;

    • Use all four language domains; reading, writing, speaking, listening daily to build academic and social language skills
    • Increase academic success in general education and elective courses
    • Develop post-secondary planning and life skills
    • Increase study, time management, and organization skills


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