How do we grade music?

  • Here at Brown School we want our students to have enjoyable experiences that will create a desire for further study of and appreciation for music.

    Overall Learner Responsibility


    These grades are based on class participation and behavior.  Most students receive a satisfactory (S/3) if they are participating and being respecful, responsible, and safe.

    Overall Music Achievement

    The music grades are based on a 4 point system.  Our grading scale is:

    ·         4 (S+/exceeding grade level)

    ·         3 (S/grade level)

    ·         2.5 (S-/approaching grade level)

    ·         1 (I/below grade level)

    It is unfortunate that the percentages appear on Infinite Campus (IC) as we traditionally equate percentages with letter grades. For instance, if a student receives a 3 on an assignment, the percentage shows up as a 75%.  However, this is not equivalent to a C, but rather an S/grade level. The grades on the report card will be S+, S, S- or I, not letter grades (ABCDF) or percentages.

    A student who successfully completes most objectives for each quarter earns 3 points (S). If a student is unable to meet objectives an S- is earned.  Students may earn an S+ for individual assignments, however, when averaged with the other scores it usually results in an S for their Overall Music Achievement grade.