2nd grade

  • These are the music objectives for 2nd grade students:
    - Sing and sign sol mi la patterns.
    - Speak simple ostinati and canons (repeated patterns and overlapping parts).
    - Play a repeated patterns on classroom instruments.
    - Improvise short rhythms and movements.
    - Compose (write) short melodic patterns.
    - Read quarter notes, paired eighth notes, half notes, and quarter rests using simple syllables (ta, titi, ta-a, rest).
    - Read sol, mi, and la on the staff.
    - Begin identifying simple musical notation such as bar lines, double bar lines, repeat signs, piano and forte dynamics, and crescendo and diminuendo.
    - Draw melodies on a graph.
    - Notate (hear and record) simple rhythms.
    - Develop criteria for a personal preference in music.
    - Read the text of a song in rhythm.
    - Use music to begin building a world view of culture.


  • Performances will be held in March.