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    Love Learning.  Be Kind.  Achieve Success.  

    Me Encanta Aprender. Sér Amable. Lograr El Éxito.

    Kate Smith Elementary School inspires lifelong learners by creating a positive and safe learning environment where students are confident, self-aware, and socially responsible.  We foster collaboration and critical thinking through innovative problem solving, respectful communication, and resiliency.  Kate Smith Elementary School welcomes all students, families, staff, and community members as essential partners of our community.
    It is the mission of Kate Smith Elementary School to strive for academic and social excellence through collaboration (PLCs/student voice/community partnerships), compassion (PBIS/SEL), and STEM integration (building foundational skills across disciplines) to continue to grow as a goal-oriented learning community.  
    Kate Smith is recognized as a model Nevada Governor Designated STEM School.
    We have worked extremely hard as a school community and this designation is a testament to our community and a commitment as a school to continue leading our students to succeed in all areas!
    La Escuela Primaria Kate Smith inspira a los estudiantes de por vida al crear un ambiente de aprendizaje positivo y seguro donde los estudiantes son seguros, conscientes de sí mismos y socialmente responsables. Fomentamos la colaboración y el pensamiento crítico a través de la resolución innovadora de problemas, la comunicación respetuosa y la resiliencia. La Escuela Primaria Kate Smith da la bienvenida a todos los estudiantes, familias, personal y miembros de la comunidad como socios esenciales de nuestra comunidad.
    La misión de la Escuela Primaria Kate Smith es luchar por la excelencia académica y social a través de la colaboración (PLC / Voz de los estudiantes / Asociaciones comunitarias), la compasión (PBIS / SEL) y la integración STEM (Desarrollo de habilidades fundamentales en todas las disciplinas) para continuar creciendo como una comunidad de aprendizaje orientada a objetivos.

    Welcome to Kate Smith Elementary!

    ¡Bienvenido a la escuela primaria Kate Smith! 

  • Kate Smith is recognized as a Diamond Level PBIS school.


    PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) is a proactive behavioral approach to improve school safety and promote positive behavior.   The focus of PBIS is prevention, not punishment.


    How PBIS Works

    The goal of PBIS is to promote good behavior and enhance the educational experience for the entire school community-students, educators, and parents. 

    PBIS includes three tiers of student support.  The support each student receives depends on their specific needs. 

    Tier 1 practices include strategies, supports, and interventions that apply to all students.  Examples of Tier 1 practices include

    • Working together with students and families to define positive behavior expectations school-wide (see matrix below).
    • Teaching appropriate behavior to all students.  At Kate Smith, students learn expected behaviors for each common area through explicit instruction and opportunities to practice and receive feedback.
    • Rewarding expected behavior and responding to unwanted behavior in an instructional way.  We use verbal praise, Cougar Cash and Classroom Positive Paws to reinforce students who are following our ROARS expectations.

    Tier 2 addresses the needs of about 10-15% of students.  Examples of Tier 2 practices include:

    • Increasing adult supervision
    • Providing individualized positive reinforcement opportunities.
    • Enhancing school-family communication.
    • Providing additional instruction and reminders to address individual needs. 

    Tier 3 supports and interventions are for the 3-5% of students who are not responding to Tier 1 and Tier 2 supports.  Tier 3 strategies are highly individualized and may include the following:

    • Counseling
    • Mentoring
    • Behavior meetings

    The Benefits of PBIS

    PBIS has been shown to increase positive student behavior and decrease negative behavior in classroom and schools.

    • PBIS improves student academic performance and social-emotional development.   
    • PBIS reduces bullying, office referrals, and suspension.
    • PBIS helps students and educators feel safer and more engaged in their school community.

    What Parents Can Do

    PBIS works best when parents and educators
    Work together to support student success.

    Discuss the school’s rules and expectations with your student.  Make sure they understand and can follow them.  If you or your student have a question or concern about our PBIS framework, please contact our school counselor, Lauren Frydman.

    Consider implementing PBIS at home.  Together with your student, define positive behaviors clearly (for example, stick to a homework schedule, keep room clean, be home by curfew).  Then define rewards for behaving positively (video game time, weekly allowance, or social privileges). 



    PBIS Matrix

    Kindness Matrix

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