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    Mustang Families, we are off and running into the second semester already! I am very proud of our students and families for your patience and dedication to making school work amid a series of COVID and Weather closures.  We really appreciate you!

     At a recent Board Meeting WCSD has announced North Star Online School will expand its online services to become WCSD’s distance learning school for K-12 students beginning in the fall of the 2021-2022 school year. If students choose to continue with full distance learning next school year, they will need to sign up at North Star and un-enroll from their zoned schools.  This makes it very important that all families planning to enroll at Natchez complete their registration as soon as possible.  The number of registrations will determine several factors at Natchez including staffing.  If we do not have complete numbers of students registering it could lead to lack of resources and staffing next year. So please if you plan to return to Natchez, and we hope you do, register soon! Registration is open now, please contact the school if we can be of any assistance.  Natchez will continue to follow all guidance to provide a safe educational experience.

     As we work to complete the second semester and school year it is vitally important that all students both in person and distance give their best efforts in completing the year.  A giant thank you to those families who have chosen distance education and make sure your students log on everyday and complete their assignments.  Student success next year as we return to in person learning depends so much on their efforts this year, so again a big thank you for your family efforts in making distance education a success.  As always it is a pleasure and honor to serve our school and community, if I or any of our fantastic Natchez staff can be of assistance please let us know!

    Jake Chapin


    Distance Reminders


    1. EVERY Distance learner is expected to log in for morning meeting at 8:15 am everyday.
    2. Student attendance is taken daily and students are accountable for attending school daily.
    3. Students are expected to attend every session, to join on time and to participate the full time.
    4. Students not in attendance at the morning meeting will receive an automated call letting families know they have been marked absent for the day. Please contact the school to let us know if they are absent for the day or if there is something else going on such as technical issues, an appointment, etc.
    5. If the school has not heard from parents by 11 a.m. the school will make personal calls to check in and see what we can do to assist students participate in distance learning that day
    6. Students are expected to login to live sessions and complete assignments each day. If for some reason students miss a live meeting, please make every effort to attend the other meetings and complete assignments for the day.


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