3rd Grade

  • These are the music objectives for 3rd grade students:
    - Sing and sign pentatonic (do re mi so la) patterns.
    - Sing simple ostinati (repeated patterns) and rounds (overlapping songs).
    - Play classroom instruments with proper technique.
    - Improvise short rhythms and melodies.
    - Compose (write) short songs and instrumental pieces.
    - Read quarter notes, paired eighth notes, half notes, whole notes, and quarter rests using simple syllables (ta, titi, ta-a, ta-a-a-a, rest).
    - Read pentatonic patterns on the staff using solfege.
    - Use simple music symbols (fermata, repeat sign, double bar line, D.C. al fine).
    - Notate (hear and record) simple rhythms and melodies.
    - Identify simple forms in music.
    - Identify families of orchestral and band instruments.
    - Evaluate performances and compositions using a common criteria.
    - Match music and movement.
    - Identify music from global cultures.
    - Find ways music is used in daily life.


  • Performances will be held in the spring of 2024.