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    School Hours


    Students:                                                         Gates Open:

    9:30am – 3:30pm M/T/Th/F                        15 minutes prior to

    9:30am – 2:45pm W                                     the start of school

                                                                               & 10 minutes prior

    Office Hours:                                                  to dismissal.

    9:00am – 4:00pm Daily



    Before and After School Care

    Before and after school care is available on campus through the Boys and Girls Club. Please contact them at 331-KIDS (5437) for more information and how to register. Hours are 7am-6:30pm.

    Cold Springs Family Center is an off-campus option and they provide transportation. For more information, please call 657-6388.

    Attendance and Leaving Early

    When students are absent, please notify the office. The office tracks attendance with accurate codes for mandated federal and state accounting.


    A photo ID is required when picking up your child(ren) early. This is to ensure the person picking up matches what is listed in Infinite Campus. If household members or information changes, please call us to update Infinite Campus information.


    We are not able to offer “call ahead pick up” as students need to stay in class as long as possible. You may need to adjust your schedule 5-7 minutes to allow time for your child to pack up for the day, gather homework, etc.


    Birthday Information

    We love to celebrate our students and announce birthdays each week during morning announcements. Many times our families want to celebrate by bringing in treats. Please know treats need to be individually wrapped and mindful of allergies in the classroom. Families can do goody bags with non-food items too. Treats will be passed out during recess, lunch, or at the end of the day as students leave.



    As a school, we communicate in several ways. Primary whole school communication is sent through ClassDojo and Blackboard Connect (email). Occasionally we send home fliers for events and each month we send home a calendar for upcoming events. Each classroom teacher uses Class Dojo and email as their primary means of communication. For any questions, please contact your child’s teacher or the office as both will have the most up to date information.



    Free Breakfast and Lunch

    WCSD is able to offer free breakfast and lunch for all students for the 23-24 school year, which is awesome.


    Breakfast is served from 9-9:25 am and students can enter Door 7 (near the bus lane) or from the playground through Door 11. Lunch schedules vary by grade level. All students have 20 minutes for lunch and 20 minutes for recess.


    Technology-Rich School 

    Inskeep ES is a technology-rich school. This means each student will be issued a device to use for learning while at school. Students in grades K-1 will have iPads and students in grades 2-5 will have laptops. We will have iPad and laptop carts on campus for cross-technology connections (Apple platform and Microsoft platform). Students will still use paper/pencil for learning as well because technology does not replace the basics of learning in the classroom.

    All families will need to sign the computer use agreement prior to any device being checked out to students to understand using a device is a privilege, not a right.


    Volunteer & Chaperone

    We love our volunteers whether you help on campus, during field trips, class parties, take work home, events, etc. In order to volunteer you need to have an approved volunteer application on file. Stop by our office or visit: https://www.washoeschools.net/domain/91 to pick up or print an application.


    When volunteering and/or chaperoning, younger siblings are not allowed to attend. That is so your focus is on the child you are volunteering for. When attending field trips, all approved volunteers/chaperones will be assigned a group of students for supervision and support. All volunteers/chaperones must check in at the office to obtain a badge.


    Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

    We have a virtual tour on our school’s website showing how drop off and pick up procedures work: www.washoeschools.com/inskeep. The video shows how to pull into one of two drop off lanes, move as far forward as you can, let kids out/in, and look over your left shoulder to move into the thru lane. When exiting the parking lot, be mindful of the lane you are in. The right side turns right, and the left side turns left.


    Many parents want to drop off their kids close to the gate. Unfortunately, this does not allow other cars to drop off or pick up at the same time. It is okay to have students walk 30+ feet into the gates because they know the way.


    Gates close at 9:30am so if students are late, please have them enter through the main doors (Door #1) to get a tardy pass then head to class.


    Parents and siblings are welcome to drop off or pick up students on the playground before/after school. Parents are not allowed inside the building unless they have an approved volunteer application on file and check-in at the office.  


    For inclement weather, all students will need to enter thru the main student gate and Door #14 (behind the metal Inskeep sign). Students will be directed to go to their classroom and/or closest Hub Space. We have many adults on duty to help guide students. 


    PreK student dismissal is at the bus lane and playground depending on the classroom.


    Accelerated Reader (AR) and Homework

    Every student from 2nd – 5th grade participates in AR which is a wonderful way to boost the love of reading and increase comprehension skills. Students in PreK-1st grades have monthly book goals they strive to meet as well.


    Homework is a great way to practice skills learned during the day. It is not meant as a punishment and if your child is struggling to the point of frustration, please have them stop, send a message to their teacher, and have them read for the rest of their homework.


    Average homework time: Kinder: 15 minutes,

    1st-3rd grades: 30 minutes and 4th-5th grades: 45 minutes.



    Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

    We have an amazing PTO with parents who volunteer when they can for events, event planning, fundraisers, and more. We have monthly meetings and would love any help you can give. Please visit the PTO Facebook page for updated information: https://www.facebook.com/inskeepelementarypto


Last Modified on June 16, 2023