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    Click on this link to download the procedures: Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures


    Click on this link to see a map: Map of Procedures



    Directions for Student Drop Off and Pick Up (same as link above)


    In the interest of safety for all students and families at Michael Inskeep Elementary School, the following procedures describe student drop-off and pick-up. Please familiarize yourself with these procedures to improve the efficiency and safety of this area for everyone. We highly encourage students to walk, ride a bike/scooter/skateboard, or walk in groups to school in order to decrease traffic in our tight space.


    1. Please enter the parking lot on Briar Drive near the bike path cross walk.


    1. You will then drive to the inner or outer drop off lanes pulling as close to the curb as possible.


    1. As you enter this area, proceed to the far end of the pull-through lanes, and come to a complete stop, but do not turn off your engine.


    1. Help keep this process quick by making sure backpacks and other items are ready to go. Have child(ren) exit the vehicle from the right side. Once the door is closed, watch for traffic, and pull into the left lane to exit.


    1. You will notice both drop off lanes merge into one and then into two lanes. The two exit lanes allow for people on the left to turn left and people on the right to turn right.


    1. Please, please do not use your mobile phone at all while you are in the school zone; this takes your attention away from the very important task of watching out for pedestrians and other vehicles.


    1. If you wish to park and accompany your child to and from the playground, please drive through the drop off lanes and find a parking space. You may park in any legal parking spot. If you park on a street, remember to never park along a red painted curb as that is for emergency vehicles and meant to keep the road wide enough for two-way traffic.


    1. Parking is NOT allowed in the pull-through lanes at any time.


    1. Students who ride day care vehicles or a bus will enter and leave campus through the gate behind the multi-purpose room. These will be the only vehicles allowed on New Forest Drive.


    1. Only one gate will be open before and after school to increase security of who is coming onto campus, which is located near the drop off/pick up zone.


    Please see the attached map for a graphic representation of these procedures. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to be a crossing guard, please call us at 775-677-3800 or email us at Inskeep@washoeschools.net. We welcome volunteers who have an approved volunteer application on file.  

Last Modified on March 1, 2023