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    Mr. Inskeep was a teacher in the Washoe County School District for more than 15 years. He taught math and social studies and spent the majority of his career teaching 7th and 8th grade at Cold Springs Middle School. He brought learning to life for his students and often had guest speakers to enhance the curriculum. Pictured below is a profile picture, a spirit day picture at Cold Springs Middle School, and family pictures to capture the essence of who he was and the legacy he has left. He passed away suddenly from a blood clot during a routine knee replacement surgery in 2017. He lived with his family in the North Valleys and was active in the community as a volunteer firefighter and coach.


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    Comments from friends:


    • Personally, I was one of the lucky ones to have worked with Mike during his time at Cold Springs.  He was kind, courteous, entertaining, and passionate about teaching.   He was particularly excited about teaching history.  Each year Mike would wear clothing that matched the period in history he was teaching such as the civil war.  I know you've heard or will hear a lot about this but one of the most powerful, moving experiences Mike was able to create for his students involved bringing one of the very few living holocaust survivors to the school annually (from Las Vegas with her husband) to share her unbelievable personal experiences of enduring and surviving the holocaust including sharing her loss of most of her family.  I was fortunate to attend several of these special days that were always very emotional for staff and students and left lasting impressions for all. ~Mr. Peinemann

    • One thing I valued highly in Mike is our discussions on politics. We often car-pooled together in the mornings, and we would have lively back-and-forth discussions on the topics of the day, as well as discussions about past political issues since we both taught Social Studies. We planned together, took PD courses together, and helped build the Social Studies department at CSMS together. ~Mr. Heller

    • Mike was kind and his classroom was a safe place for kids. He was a staunch advocate for teachers and students alike. He was genuine and loving, silly, brilliant, and nice. ~Ms. Horne

    • It is an honor a school was name after Mike. I knew him professionally and personally. ~Mr. Clark

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