Natchez Elementary School


    Mustang Families, 

    First, I would like to briefly introduce myself for those I have not been fortunate enough to meet yet.  My name is Jake Chapin, I have been a part of the community as the Principal at Pyramid Lake Jr/Sr High School through 2020.  I finally made my way to Natchez where I intend to help our school grow both educationally and in the community for many years to come!  

    Natchez Night

    It is our intention to host Grade Level Orientation Meetings to welcome students to the building before our first day of school.  There are many elements that need to be determined and completed prior to us being able to finalize plans for this event.  We will communicate updates as soon as we are able to and the information presented on that night will also be made available in video format.


    We are awaiting some final determinations from the district but much of the information below will remain similar.

    Daily Routine

    Students may arrive on campus NO EARLIER THAN 8:00 am each morning to ensure proper supervision and safety. The bell will ring at 8:10 signaling students to line up.  Breakfast will be served in the classroom until 8:25. 

     Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday school will release at 2:30.  We will continue with an Early Release (1:45 dismissal) each Wednesday.  

     Family/Community Access to Building

    Parents and families are encouraged to call the school at 775-351-1902 prior to coming to the school.  Most requests and situations can be successfully addressed over the phone.  We will significantly limit the number of non-staff or student entrance into the building.  All visitors must wear a mask and will be limited to the front foyer entrance.  This is to limit the potential exposure in the building and keep our students and staff as safe as possible.  At this time no volunteers or visitors will be allowed beyond the main office entry either before, during, or after school.  We look forward to the time when community involvement is a staple of the Natchez educational experience.

     Student Drop Off and Pick Up/Transportation 

    WCSD Transportation will continue to be provided to students that live in areas where transportation had previously been provided.  All students riding buses are required to wear a mask, sit in assigned seats, and maintain social distancing.  The routes with times and locations for stops will be published on WCSD website in the days just before school starting.


    Inside School Logistics 

    • One-Way Traffic Routes - When students enter the building, they will need to maintain social distancing (they will not be able to congregate in any area) and proceed directly to their class.  There are social distancing and directional arrows showing students how to travel in all areas.  Staff will be on duty during all passing times to help students with maintaining the one-way traffic flow throughout the building.  Doors will be propped open into rooms and learning spaces, limiting the need for students to touch knobs or hold doors open.  Students need to follow traffic patterns, use doors marked for entry and exit, and follow directions of staff.   
    • Switching Classes:  Initially students will remain in their assigned classroom throughout the day with some possible exceptions as we work to build our schedule. Library will be in the classroom, Music and PE will occur outside as weather permits, Computers may occur in the lab with sanitation between use.
    • Restrooms:  Restroom use will happen during class time.  Sinks will be limited to every other sink so that social distancing can be maintained.  Students will need to sign in and sign out.  Only 1 student will be permitted to leave the classroom at any time.   
    • Clinic/Medical:  We will maintain 2 separate clinic areas; one for students and staff presenting with contagious/virus symptoms and one for non-Covid or virus reasons (personal hygiene, medication, first aid). A staff member will monitor the entrance to the clinic to direct students and staff to the correct location depending on their need to visit the clinic.  Should any student or staff member be officially diagnosed with Covid-19, Natchez Elementary will work closely with and follow all direction of WCSD Health Services and Washoe County Health Department.   
    • Hand Washing:  Any classroom or learning space with a sink will have a hand washing station (soap and paper towels) set-up.  Handwashing/Sanitizing will be mandated throughout the day.   



    • Breakfast: The Breakfast period is 15 minutes. Students will have access to hand sanitizer prior to breakfast.  Breakfast will occur in the classroom.
    • Lunch:  Our daily lunch period is 40 minutes. Students will be allowed to participate in socially distanced and masked lunchtime activities after eating lunch.  Hand sanitizer will be available to each student in the classroom and as they enter and exit the lunchroom.  All students will be seated facing in the same direction, no face-to-face seating.  Outside activities will be limited a certain number of students in each area


    Classroom Logistics 

    • Seating:  Each classroom is equipped with 10-15 desks and chairs.  Each student will be assigned a seat.   
    • Supplies:  Each student maintains the supplies they will use in class.  Additional supplies will be provided as needed to individuals, but there will be no shared supplies that are not sanitized between use.  If labs or activities are assigned, students will receive individual packets of materials and supplies.   


    Students who are ill:

    Please understand that if students are ill or present symptoms according to the latest screening protocol they will need to be picked up from school immediately.  Please make sure that the school has on file current primary and secondary contact information.  Be aware that the school cannot diagnose COVID or other illness and the school is mandated to follow district protocol to ensure the safety of the students and staff of Natchez Elementary School.  Again please self-screen daily.


    Please be on the lookout for more information regularly as we approach the beginning of school. Information can change daily and we will send out changes as soon as possible. We thank you in advance for your patience and your own efforts in working with us and your students as we collaborate together in this brave new world of education.


    Proud to be a Mustang,

    Jake Chapin

    1 Hwy 447

    Wadsworth, NV 89442                                          

    Office: (775) 351-1902 

    Fax: (775) 575-1888