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    Infinite Campus Parent Portal

    Infinite Campus is an online site that allows parents the ability to view their child’s information about school. It is important for parents to be aware of their student's information. Infinite Campus gives access to view their child’s:

    Calendar (Notes when Assignment(s) are Due and Academic Event(s)                             

    Schedule (Student’s Course Schedule)

    Attendance (Attendance Summary by Course, Period, Day and Term)

                »Shows when the student was late/absent

    Grades (Grades By Course)


    -  Health (Displays the Immunization Record of the child and its compliance status)

    Assessment (District Tests and Scores)

    To Do List (Assignments listed by course displaying the dates assigned and the due dates)

    Reports (Display Missing Assignments)

    Messages (District Notices, School Notices, Inbox)


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    Parent Portal

    Student Login

    District ID: MJCFXT

    If you need assistance with your username and password for the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, please contact the front office at (775) 351-1902