Need to register your child for school?

    Please register online at: http://www.washoe.k12.nv.us/schools/register

    *Once you are done with the online registration, please bring the following papers to the school office:

    Birth certificate, immunization record and proof of residence.


    ¿Necesita inscribir a su hijo en la escuela?

     Por favor inscribirse en línea en: http://www.washoe.k12.nv.us/schools/register


    * Una vez que haya terminado con el registro en línea por favor traiga los siguientes documentos a la oficina de la escuela:

    Certificado de nacimiento, registro de vacunación y prueba de residencia.


    School Hours:

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

    9:00 AM – 3:00 PM  (Your student must be in class by 9:00 AM)


    *Wednesday: Early Release

    9:00 AM – 2:15 PM


    Horario Escolar:

    Lunes, martes, jueves, viernes

    9:00 AM – 3:00 PM  (Su estudiante debe estar en clase a las 9:00 AM)


    *Miércoles: Salida Temprana

    9:00 AM – 2:15 PM



    For the 2021-2022 school year, all students will receive a free lunch. This is through Nutrition Services Department and Community Engagement Program.


    If you have an existing balance on your account, please contact Nutrition Services for options.



    Para el año escolar de 2019-2020, todos los estudiantes recibirán almuerzo gratis. Esto será gracias al Departamento de Servicios de Nutrición y Programa de Participación Comunitaria.

    Si aún tiene un balance en su cuenta por favor contacte la oficina de Servicios Nutricionales para opciones de pago.

    If your student is late:

    Please have your student come to the office for a pass. Please do not take your child to the classroom after the 9:00AM bell.


    Si su hijo esta tarde:

    Por favor de llevar su hijo a la oficina por un pase. Por favor, no lleve a su hijo al salón de clases después de la campana de las 9:00 AM.


    If your student  is absent:

    Please call the office at 775-673-5480 and inform us of your student absence.


    Si su estudiante está ausente:

    Por favor llame a la oficina al 775-673-5480 y nos informe de la ausencia de su estudiante.

    If your student has a doctor’s appointment:

    Please bring a doctor’s note to the office when your child returns to school.

    Si su hijo tiene una cita con el médico:

    Favor de traer una nota del doctor a la oficina cuando su hijo regrese a la escuela.


    Electronic Devices

    Please leave video games devices, CD's, cell-phones, ipod's and MP3 players at home!

    They disrupt the educational environment. The school is not responsible for personal devices 

    that are lost on campus. The best place to keep these devices is at home. If they must be brought

    to school, please keep them off and in your backpacks.

    If a student must bring a cell phone - it is not to be carried into classrooms during assessments,

    semester exams, or other testing situations. Phones and all such devices shall be in the "off" 

    position at all times and should be stored in the students' backpack while on school grounds,

    inside the school and during the school day. If a cell phone is visible, it will be confiscated and 

    a student/parent will have to claim it at the office. Ear buds are not allowed nor should be visible.

    (Administrative Regulation 5810).

    We do understand the need for parents to be connected to their children throughout the day.

    If you must talk with your student during the school day, please message the teacher or call the school office.

    We follow this process for confiscated phones:

    • 1st Offense: Phone taken from the student and recorded, student can pick up phone after school.
    • 2nd Offense: Phone taken from the student recorded and parents are called and must pick -up the phone.
    • 3rd Offense: Phone taken from the students recorded and parents are called and must pick up the phone and the phone is no longer allowed on campus



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