• Who is an Elementary School Counselor?

    An Elementary School Counselor is a certified professional who works within a child's total environment to assist them in addressing their academic, behavioral, emotional and social needs.


    A School Counselor helps to empower children to feel good about themselves and aids them in the process of making positive choices that lead to healthy and meaningful lives.


    An Elementary School Counselor serves children and their families, teachers, administrators and the community.

    What does the Elementary School Counselor do?

    • Serves as a "friendly helper" for ALL students and works with students one-on-one and in small groups.
    • Leads classroom counseling lessons, helps identify student needs, and assists in assessment of students with special needs.
    • Works with staff to support academic achievement and helps to implement appropriate interventions for at-risk students.
    • Supports Social Emotional Learning initiatives at the elementary level.
    • Consults with parents, teachers, administrators, and community agencies and aids in coordinating referrals to outside agencies.

    How can the School Counselor help?

    The School Counselor can provide support with various issues, including (though not limited to) the following: 

    * Anger Management

    * Conflict Resolution

    * Grief and Loss

    * Anxiety

    * Coping Skills

    * Self-Esteem

    * Basic Needs/Resources

    * Divorce/Changing Families

    * Social Skills

    * Behavior Modification

    * Friendship Skills

    * Stress Management


    How does a student see the Counselor?

    Students can see the Elementary Counselor by asking their teacher.  Parents can request counseling support.  Teachers and staff can refer students to the counselors.

    Sessions may be held on a regular, ongoing basis or simply as needed. 

    Resources for Families- Recursos para Familias


    Contact Info:


    Elsa Goldstein elsa.goldstein@washoeschools.net 

    Lindsey Ramirez  lindsey.ramirez@washoeschools.net