We conduct school safety drills so our staff and students know what to due in case of an emergency situation.  During this time, the drill is called, and staff and students follow school procedures for safety. 


    Code Yellow

    A Code Yellow indicates a threat near campus.  Perimeter doors will be secured, and only authorized personnel will be allowed on campus.  Code Yellow protocol is to be used to prevent the occurrence of a major incident when conditions indicate that a higher than normal threat level is present on campus or near campus (i.e. dangerous person in the neighborhood, police searching for someone near campus). 


    Code Red

    A Code Red is utilized when an actual crisis or impending threat has occurred on the school campus.  This includes but is not limited to: shots fired, weapons assault, explosions, hostage situations and natural disasters. If possible, perimeter doors will be secured.   Only authorized personnel will be allowed on campus.


    Code Blue

    A code blue is called if a student or staff member shows a need for immediate medical assistance.  A trained school team has been assembled to respond to this situation.