• For returning students, please follow the instructions below:  

      1. Log into the PARENT PORTAL (CLICK HERE)
      2. Put in your username and password – if you don’t remember your username/password, please call the office and we will look it up for you (746-5810);
      3. Once in your portal account, look at the index on the left or the "more" tab and it will say Online Registration; click there;
      4. Go through the entire process following each screen and clicking on each line, verifying and/or changing the information as needed (every contact information, address, household member, parent, emergency contact, etc);
      5. IF YOU HAVE A NEW KINDERGARTNER to register, once you have completed updating the information for your current student it says ADD NEW STUDENT;
      6. Click on that box and add all information concerning the new student;
      7. VERIFY all of the information carefully before you click submit – once you click submit, you cannot go back and change anything.  You will need to contact the school to make changes.
      8. Only legal parents/guardians can register students.  If you are a blended family, and you do not see your step-child on the registration, the natural parent will need to go into their account to register their student.  Contact the school if you need clarification or assistance.