Dress Code & Uniform Policy

The Anderson Elementary School uniform policy passed with the parent vote in Winter 2019.

Our first and most important rule is that all students need to be in uniform. Our gols is 100% of our students in uniform every day. Our uniform policy is not intended to silence expressive conduct, but instead, promotes a productive, safe, learning environment. We will support students and families so that they attend school in uniform consistently. If students come to school out of uniform:

  1. parents will be contacted and asked to bring appropriate clothing for the student or
  2. the students will be given loaners for the school day.

If students come to school out of uniform consistently, consequences will follow the progressive disciple plan. The dress or grooming of all students must not present potential health or safety problems or create a disruption of the learning environment.  Specific prohibitions or limitations include, but are not limited to, the following. Administration reserves the right to determine if students’ dress meets those guidelines. Exceptions shall be considered for religious or medical reasons; or with the permission of the principal (i.e. a designated school spirit day):

  1. Description of the Uniform
    1. The approved uniform shirt is a navy blue or dark grey polo shirt.
      1. The uniform shirt may be plain or have the approved school logo on it. Non-approved school logos are not permitted on the uniform top, whether or not the logo is related to the school or a school activity.
        1. T-shirts of any color may be worn under the approved uniform top unless the t-shirt is long sleeved being worn under a short-sleeved polo shirt. In that case, only the following colors will be allowed: White, navy, dark grey, light grey, black.
      2. Sweatshirts and Sweaters.
        1. Sweatshirts and sweaters are part of the student uniform and may be worn under the following conditions:
          1. Sweatshirts/sweaters must be navy blue;
          2. Only the approved school logo may be visible on the sweatshirt/sweater. Otherwise, it must be plain.
          3. Only non-hooded sweatshirts are allowed.
        2. Approved bottoms are defined as jeans, slacks, shorts, leggings/jeggings, jumpers, skirts, and skorts and must be blue, black or khaki (light tan or brown).  No other colors shall be allowed. 
        3. Jackets, coats, and zippered sweatshirts are considered outerwear and are permitted over the uniform in accordance with the school’s dress code. Outerwear is to be worn only in outside areas.
        4. Other items of clothing such as shoes, socks, belts, hats, ties, and accessories shall comply with the dress code.
          1. Allowable head coverings are those which are worn for medical or religious (e.g. hijab, yarmulke, turban) reasons. Head coverings which are neither religious nor medical in nature are not permitted to be worn inside a school building during school hours (e.g., sweatshirt hoods, ball caps, cowboy hats).
      3. All students enrolled at Anderson Elementary School shall be in compliance with the provisions of this site-based student uniform policy, as well as the school dress code during the school day. The only exception to this policy shall exist with the permission of the principal during a free day, spirit day, or similar events.  Free days shall apply to all students.  No content-based exceptions shall be allowed.
      4. Sale of Uniforms / Financial Assistance.
        1. Short-sleeved polo shirts with the school logo may be purchased at a cost of $11.00 from Kate’s Logos (this price is subject to change following the 2021 school year). Sweatshirts with the school logo may be purchased at a cost of $15.00 from Kate’s Logos (this price is subject to change following the 2021 school year)
        2. Non-logo’d shirts, and other clothing options, may be purchased at any retail location.

Any family in need of financial assistance with the purchase of the school shirts should contact the office for information or to make arrangements.



WCSD Dress Code – Administration reserves the right to determine if students’ dress meets those guidelines. Please review the entire WCSD Dress Code Policy here.


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