Attendance Messaging Program

  • We are excited to announce that beginning December 1 our school will begin a new approach to messaging families about attendance. We want to build a stronger relationship with all our families, and this is why we are increasing our communication with you through personal phone calls from your child’s teachers.  We are also providing more information with resources to support consistent attendance.Chart

    Attending school every day in elementary grades is essential for setting the foundation for life-long learning. By working in partnership with you, we can ensure our children establish healthy attendance behaviors that will follow them throughout their educational careers.    

    What you can expect:

    • In addition to our regular attendance messaging, we will also send bi-weekly attendance information through text messages and email. These messages will largely consist of resources and tips to support healthy attendance.
    • We will also call and send messages more frequently to simply check in, answer questions, and offer support: we want to strengthen our relationship with you and work in partnership to ensure healthy attendance.

    How you can help:

    • If you would like to update your information to receive emails and texts, please contact your school’s secretary or registrar.
    • If you decide to opt out of text or email messaging, you can follow the directions at the bottom of the text or email. You can also contact your school’s secretary or registrar and request a “Connect Ed Opt Out.” Once you opt out, you will no longer receive any calls, texts, or emails from Washoe County School District including messages about school delays or cancellations.

    If you have questions, please feel free to call the office at 775-689-2500.

Attendance Messaging Program Resources