Parent Resource Center

  • Welcome

    Welcome to the Parent Resource Center (PRC) @ Anderson Elementary School. The PRC provides:

    • resources to check out in order to:
      • improve support for academic achievement.
      • develop effective parenting strategies
      • understand the county/state/federal academic and achievement standards
    • support with Infinite Campus:
    • support for understanding classroom, district, and state assessments.
    • a place for parents to meet, gather, and talk with other parents, community members and school staff.
    • a lending library in the PRC will continue to provide books, puzzles and flash cards for the parents.
    • parent knowledge-building classes
    • one-on-one parent conferences.
    • home visits.


  • At Anderson, we will use our collective strengths and experiences to empower all students through meaningful opportunities to achieve academic, social and emotional growth.