Parent Resource Center

  • Welcome

    Welcome to the Parent Resource Center (PRC) @ Anderson Elementary School. The PRC provides:

    • resources to check out in order to:
      • improve support for academic achievement.
      • develop effective parenting strategies
      • understand the county/state/federal academic and achievement standards
    • support with Infinite Campus:
    • support for understanding classroom, district, and state assessments.
    • a place for parents to meet, gather, and talk with other parents, community members and school staff.
    • a lending library in the PRC will continue to provide books, puzzles and flash cards for the parents.
    • parent knowledge-building classes
    • one-on-one parent conferences.
    • home visits.

Parent Advisory Council

  • Current Members

    We would like to introduce our Parent Advisory Council:

    - Kindergarten Representative: Rebecca Budman
    - First Grade Representative: Denise Pena Cortez
    - Second Grade Representative
    - Third Grade Representative
    - Fourth Grade Representative: Susie Noel
    - Fifth Grade Representative
    - Sixth Grade Representative:

    The council meets throughout the school year and provides insights and perspectives that only parents can. We are open to your feedback, comments, and concerns. Our goal is to continually improve. Our Parent Advisory Council is vital in helping achieve that goal.

Volunteer Corps

  • We Need Your Help!

    Join our Parent Volunteer Corps. We are looking for volunteers to assist with:

    • Lunchroom procedures.
    • The Parent Advisory Council.
    • Monitoring crosswalks (front and back) before and after school.
    • Supervising recess.
    • Supervising field trips.


  • At Anderson, we will use our collective strengths and experiences to empower all students through meaningful opportunities to achieve academic, social and emotional growth.