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  • Registration for the 2021-2022 School Year now open!

    Enrolling K-5th grade at Elmcrest.  Registration open on Infinite Campus, or call our office for assistance. 

    Kindergarten Registration Video

    Join us for February Family Friday's in the Elmcrest Cafeteria ~ Registration assistance & Community resources available.  From 9:30-2:30 pm.

    See the flyer  Here!

    *Pre-K Registration for Elmcrest, call 775-321-3225 ex. 2


    Complete safety screener every morning before coming to school!

    Online Elmcrest Book Fair Click here for the Elmcrest Book Fair link!

    Reading Week


    • Drive slowly before and after school to ensure safety of our students and staff!
    • Send a mask with your students every day!
    • Every Wednesday is an early release day at 2:15 pm
    • Check out Dragon Swag store!  This is an ongoing fundraiser Elmcrest Swag


    Second Semster @ Elmcrest Elementary School

    Winter/Spring 2021


    Safety Protocols

    To ensure our school is as safe as possible for students and staff, EVERYONE who is on site is mandated to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and maintain good hygiene such as washing hands on a regular basis. Due to limiting traffic, there are no volunteers allowed on campus at this time.

    Prior to school every day staff and students will need to perform the self-screener  (see attached) at home to determine if they should attend school. Parents, we need your help to make sure your student is healthy for school each day. The safety of our students and staff is a priority, please be diligent when it comes to assessing your students’ health.  Do not send sick or potentially sick students to school.

    Attendance update for students: Parents should call the office to notify them of the students’ symptoms if they are not attending school that day.  The office will follow the WCSD protocol thereafter. 


    Master Schedule 

    School hours are 9 am – 3 pm daily, with a staggered dismissal at the end of the day to maintain social distancing as much as possible. 

    We will continue with an Early Release (2:15) each Wednesday, staggered release to begin at 2:00. *See schedules below* 

    • Students will only need to bring:
      • Water bottle – drinking fountains will ONLY be used for refilling water bottles.
      • Mask – students will be issued ONE mask on their first day. It is their responsibility to wash the mask nightly and return with a clean mask to school the next day. Students are permitted to wear their own clean masks instead of the school issued mask.
      • Cold lunch if they would like (all students are provided a free hot lunch in their classroom so cold lunch is optional)


    Student Drop Off and Pick Up/Transportation 

    WCSD Transportation: You must register your student to ride the bus. This is new this year.  You will not be allowed to show up at a bus stop without pre-registering to ride.  Please register as soon as possible!

    WCSD will continue to provide transportation to students that live in areas where transportation had previously been provided.  All students riding buses are required to wear a mask, sit in assigned seats, and maintain social distancing.  The routes with times and locations for stops will be published on WCSD website in the days just before school starts. 

    If students will be dropped off in the morning or will be walking, please know that gates will not be open until 8:45.

    OUR GOAL IS TO REDUCE TRAFFIC IN AND OUT OF THE SCHOOL.  It is highly expected to drop students off in a “kiss and go” manner and for parents to remain inside the car.  Our entire staff will be on duty every morning in bright yellow vests to ensure all students safely get inside the gates.  This will allow for more flow of traffic. 

    If you walk students to school, please be aware that only students will be allowed past the gates.  See the below diagram of where students may be dropped off.  All classes have a designated area assigned in the morning while they gather with their teacher and wait for the bell.  Students will not be permitted to be on the play structures before school starts. Teachers, administrators, and staff will be on duty with students every morning.  Staff will monitor that students continue to wear their masks and maintain social distancing. 

    School Map

    Dismissal – Please let your teacher know your plans during your conversation this week.  The after-school options are: Team Up program in our cafeteria, walk home, take WCSD bus transportation, or pick up by parent. 

    Dismissal plans:

    Dismissal – Please let your teacher know your plans during your conversation this week.  The after-school options are: Team Up program in our cafeteria, walk home, take WCSD bus transportation, or pick up by parent. 

    You must tell your teacher if you will be picking up your student in area A, B, or C, (D is reserved for Kindergarten students and their siblings) this week during your conversation.

    KINDERGARTEN – drop off & dismissal is always at the McDonald gate unless student is walking home with an older sibling, going to team up or taking the bus.

    *Please discuss with your child where you will pick them up and have a set routine.  We will work hard to keep students distanced while on campus during dismissal times.  Students and parents are required to wear a mask until they are in their own vehicle or home.


    Family/Community Access to Building 

    Parents and families are encouraged to call the school at 775-746-5850 prior to entering the school.  Most requests and situations can be successfully addressed over the phone.  This will significantly limit the number of non-staff or student entering the building.  All visitors must wear a mask and will be limited to the front foyer or main door entrance.  This is to limit the potential exposure in the building and keep our students and staff as safe as possible.   


    Inside School Logistics 

    • Restrooms:  Restroom use will happen during class time.  Each classroom will have an assigned restroom area for their class only in grades K, 1, 2, and 5.  Grades 3 and 4 will share three restrooms in the main building.  Only two stalls will be open in each restroom and a system has been put into place to ensure no more than 2 students at a time will be in the restroom.  Only 1 student will be permitted to leave the classroom at any time.   
    • Clinic/Medical:  The clinic has been moved to Room 37, out of the office, allowing us to now have 2 separate clinic areas; one for students and staff presenting with contagious/virus symptoms and one for non-Covid or virus reasons (personal hygiene, medication, first aid). A staff member will monitor the entrance to the clinic to direct students and staff to the correct location depending on their need to visit the clinic.  Should any student or staff member be officially diagnosed with Covid-19, Elmcrest Elementary school will work closely with and follow all direction of WCSD Health Services and Washoe County Health Department.   
    • Sick student pick up: if your student is ill and needs to be picked up from school, we are requesting they are picked up within 1 hour of the phone call.  Once on campus, please go directly to Gate C (referring to the diagram above).  There will be a laminated sheet with instructions to call the nurse or clinical aide directly who will bring the student to the gate.  You will be required to show ID and wear a mask to pick up the student.
    • Hand Washing:  All classrooms have a sink and will have a hand washing routine & protocol established.  Handwashing will be encouraged throughout the day.   Hand sanitizer will be utilized throughout the day as well.
    • Specials: Students will experience specials in their classroom using a combination of in class teaching and digital learning.  Students will be with a certified teacher, computer teacher, counselor, or librarian at all times.


    Breakfast:  Students will continue to have breakfast in their classrooms every day.

    Lunch:  Our daily lunch period is 30 minutes long and will take place inside the students’ classroom.  Students will wash hands before and after eating.  Students will also get a minimum of 30 minutes of outside/wellness time. This break time will be structured to help maintain social distancing.  At this time, masks are required during wellness breaks, however if students participate in any rigorous activity, such as running around the track, they will be able to remove their mask for a time, when distanced from other students. 

    • Mask Breaks: mask breaks will be built into the students’ day.  This will occur when the student is outside and spread apart more than the 6-foot spacing recommendation.

    Classroom Logistics 

    • Seating:  Each classroom is equipped with 17-20 seating areas for students.  Each student will be assigned a seat.   
    • Supplies:  Each student maintains the supplies they will use in class.  Additional supplies will be provided as needed to individuals, but there will be no shared supplies that are not sanitized between use.  If projects or activities are assigned, students will receive individually sealed plastic bags of materials and supplies.   At this time we are working hard to equip each student with a device to use at school.  We continue to accept donations to make this a reality.
    • Dismissal:  At the end of each day every desk and chair will be sanitized (by a staff member, not by students).


    Outbreak Information

    •  To read the full Outbreak Response plan provided for us by WCSD and the Washoe County Health Department, please click the link below: WCSD COVID-19 Response


    We have had a very successful first semester and we look forward to continuing that momentum into 2021.  Thank you for sharing your children with us and being a part of our Dragon Family. I continue to remember the words of President Theodore Roosevelt, “nothing worthwhile ever comes easy”.  Dragons, you are very much worthwhile.  We are dedicated and determined to make the remaineder of this year fantastic!

    Your Proud Principal,

    Mrs. Wilson







    Elmcrest Distance Learning program

    Welcome to a brand-new program at our school!  Elmcrest distance learning students are valuable members of our community and we want to make sure our dragons, near and far, receive the best education possible.

    The site facilitator for distance learning will be Michelle Will, Dean of Students.  You can contact her by email at mwill@washoeschools.net, or by calling the school and connecting to her office.

    Our distance learning teachers are:

    K/1 Mrs. Gretchen Shipp

    2 Mrs. Lisa Nieberlein

    3 Mrs. McKaylee Thornton

    4/5 Ms. Michelle Reitzel

    The platform we use for virtual learning is Microsoft Teams.  You will need to download this app if you are using your own device.  If you have a device from the school, the app is already installed.

    Distance Learning Student expectations:

    Distance Learning Student Guidelines

    Distance Learning Student Schedule: Students will be actively engaged in school activities for 5 hours during the day. The schedule is slightly staggered to allow

    families with multiple children and only one shared device access to their classes.  This should allow every student in the household the best access possible with our resources.  The blue areas are times when students can expect to be engaging virtually with their teacher and classmates.  Lessons may be changed to fit the needs of the individual class and teacher.


    Device rentals: if your family needs to borrow a device from the school, we will ask that you sign a contract that is at the end of this document.  We are requesting a $10 donation for device rentals.  The money will go towards purchasing new devices and servicing existing devices.  It is expected that these devices be returned to Elmcrest at the conclusion of the 2020-2021 school year.


    Weekly item pick up:

    Throughout the year there will be times when teachers want their distance learning students to have certain materials for the following weeks’ activities.   Teachers will let you know if materials will need to be picked up each week.  Please come to the office and ask our Secretary, Ms. Verdin, for the packet for your teacher. 


    Students with special considerations: 

    If your student is on an IEP, you will receive a call from your case manager this week to inform you of their schedule and how they will be fulfilling their IEP through distance learning.




    Miss you!


    Elmcrest Elementary School has been selected to transition to Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) for SY19-20. As part of the CEP program, all students will have access to free breakfast and lunch meals for the entire school year.  This also eliminates the requirement to fill out meal applications.  Breakfast will be served in the classroom during morning announcements and lunch will be in the cafeteria as usual.  Students will still be able to purchase extra a la carte items (snacks, milk, etc.) during lunch if they choose.  We hope to serve all students breakfast and lunch under the CEP program. 
     Make sure to visit the new Attendance Policy and become familiar with it: https://www.washoeschools.net/Page/8789
    Don't forget: We collect box tops all year round. If you have any, send them to school with your child(ren).
    Thank you!





    1. All staff uses best instructional practices, with a focus on having an engaging classroom environment to foster academic growth. We also focus on social-emotional growth through having a growth mindset as well as our PBIS goals of being safe, respectful and responsible.

    2. All members of our Elmcrest learning community, including staff, parents, families, and students, will focus on raising achievement and developing characteristics of compassion. 


    1. Todo el personal va usar sus mejores instructivos, con la meta de mantener una clase con el ambiente atractivo para aumentar el crecimiento académico. También enfocamos en el crecimiento emocional y social mediante teniendo crecimiento de mentalidad igualmente enfocamos en los PBIS metas de estar a salvo, respetoso, y responsable.

    2. Todos los miembros de la comunidad para aprender en Elmcrest, incluido el personal, los padres, familias, y estudiantes, van a enfocar en el levantamiento de logros y en creciendo los característicos de compasión.




    At Elmcrest Elementary School, we work to ensure that all learners develop the academic skills as well as a mindset to be self-confident, knowledgeable, and compassionate citizens who work toward achieving their aspirations and goals for a successful future.


    En Elmcrest Elementary School, trabajamos a asegurar que todos los estudiantes desarrollen las habilidades académicas igual que tengan la mentalidad de ser seguro de sí mismo, erudito, y un ciudadano compasivo que trabaja a alcanzar su meta y a lograr sus aspiraciones para tener u futuro exitoso.



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