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      Husky Arts Program
    What is Husky Arts? Husky Arts is a curriculum based, parent run art program.  Throughout the school year, students will learn the seven design elements of art, as well as art history, ceramics, and photography.  A Fine Arts Night is hosted in Spring, where a variety of the students' artwork will be displayed.

    What is our goal?  Our goal is for students to develop a deeper appreciation of art, as well as gain an understanding of art history, to include an education of influential artists and respective time periods.  Our goal is for students to build a solid foundation using design elements and principles, that will propel them into their further art education, and have an understanding of how to respect and handle the art tools and equipment.  Our goal is also to provide an inspiring and encouraging environment, that supports the students along their art journey.

    How does the program run?  The program is run entirely by parent volunteers who follow a grade level specific curriculum, which can be found in labeled binders in the Art Room.  Parent volunteers can choose to lead or assist with the lessons, or do a combination of both.  Lessons are taught on a monthly basis, frequency being once a month to weekly, depending upon the preference of the teacher.  At the beginning of the school year, we offer an Art Orientation and Training for all volunteers.  NO ART EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY.  If you are interested in volunteering, you will need to submit a Volunteer Application Form which can be found in the following link:

    Volunteer Form 23-24

    If you're interested in viewing the scope and sequence for the grade levels, please follow this link:

    Grade Level Scope and Sequence

    In addition to the curriculum, product examples and supplies are all located in the Art Room.  We are essentially "Art On A Cart"as all lessons are taught in the teachers' classrooms.  Cleanliness and organization of the Art Room is essential, as well as respect for the supplies, which are funded by or Fine Arts Night Auction and the PTO, as well as donated.

    How to contact the Art Program Coordinators-  The Art Program Coordinators are Morgan Fritz and Cheri Gajeski.  We are parent volunteers with students at Hunsberger.  If you have any questions, or would care for more information, please email us at Hunsbergerartprogram@gmail.com.

    We also have a Facebook Page and encourage you to join!