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    If you would like to begin volunteering with WCSD, there are a few minor steps to complete. Your screening will include an ID check, in person, from the staff at the school you are wanting to volunteer at. You will also have to fill out a Volunteer Application that applies to you.  
    If you plan to attend an overnight fieldtrip or attend an out of state field trip, you will need to be fingerprinted by Washoe County School Police.  You will need to complete the Volunteer Application and bring it and a Driver's License to the school office for approval by the Principal.  Then the application will be taken to School Police for fingerprinting.  
    Please take into consideration that applications may take several weeks to complete.  Background checks can take 2-3 weeks to accomplish. Please remember this amount of time when planning to volunteer or attend a field trip. Overnight/out of state field trips require fingerprinting, and it may take 6-8 weeks to have fingerprinting results returned. 
    For more information and a link to current volunteer forms, please visit the WCSD Volunteer Services page.