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    Our new PTO board for 2022-2023 is gearing up for a great year ahead. The board includes parents that are excited to be working collaboratively with staff and families to help support our school.

    Meet the 2022-2023 Hunsberger PTO Board:

    President:  Ericka Trappe

    Vice President:  Maria Skolnick

    Treasurer:  Erin Griffith

    Recording Secretary:  Holly Maier
    Upcoming PTO Board:  2023-2024
    President:  Erin Griffith
    Vice President:  Erica Edwards
    Treasurer:  TBD
    Secretary:  Karri Hurwitz
    You can also contact the board through their email: Hunsberger PTO@gmail.com
    Click on the following link for the latest PTO Minutes:  PTO Minutes-April 2023
    Our PTO Membership Drive is happening now!  ALL of the funds raised directly benefit your child's educational experience here at Hunsberger.  For more information and to join, please visit: Hunsberger PTO
    Upcoming PTO Events: Please check our PTO website for events.
    Hunsberger PTO welcomes your ideas and input anytime!  Thank you and we look forward to working together!