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    Together with Students     

    Dear Van Gorder Families, Students, and Staff, 

     Welcome to our Van Gorder Counseling page!  I am Kelly Whalen, your School Counselor.  If you have any questions or concerns you may email me at  From time to time I will be adding resources and activities to this page. In this time of Distance Learning and quarantine, here are things we can do to keep ourselves healthy and happy.  

    Some Ideas are:  

    Get out at least once a day for fresh air and change of scenery. 

    Stay hydrated and eat good nutritious foods. 

    Set aside special time to play with the whole family 

    Find a place that is your space, a cozy place to relax, rejuvenate, and de-stress. 

    Reach out to family and friends through phone calls, social media, emails or texts. 

    Notice the good things that are happening around you. 

    Find humor every day.  Laughter is the best medicine, they say. 

    Remember this is temporary.  We can do this together.  

    Please Check out these 25 Books for Kids (for All Ages) about Worry and Anxiety. 

     Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine

    Stay Well and be Safe Redhawk Families!


    Mr. Whalen 


    Crisis Support Services of Nevada's mission is to provide 24/7, free, confidential and caring support to people in crisis. If you are concerned about Depression/Suicide,  Sexual Assault, Elder Abuse, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Stalking, or Substance Abuse..... Call (800) 273 8255.

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    Behavior Health and Management Team 

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    Ten Positive Behavior Support Strategies to Support Families at Home ©American Positive Behavioral Supports/APBS (PDF)

    Behavioral Strategies for Home Based Learning (PDF)

    Home Activities Sample ©Monte Vista RM 1/Pre-K (Word Document)

    Verbal De-escalation (PDF)

    Visual Schedule ©ABA Visualized  (PDF)

    Washing Hands Visual ©ABA Visualized (PDF) 

    Positive Behavioral Interventions (PBIS) and Supports for Family (Website)

    -Offers webinars and handouts.

    PBS Kids (Website)

    -Your child(ren) can play online games that include topics such as feelings and teamwork.

    ChildMind® Institute:  Managing Child Behavior Problem Behavior at Home (Website)

    -Explains the ABC's of a child's behavior and how to intervene appropriately.  *If a pop-up appears asking you to sign-up, you can simply click on the ChildMind page to bypass that site request.

    ChildMind® Institute:  Coping During Covid-19 Resources for Parents (Website)

    -Has several videos for families on coping at home: Managing anxiety, dealing with behavior at home, and self-care are other topics discussed.

    Association for Positive Behavior Support: About Families (Website)

    -Has a wide variety of articles to support behavior at home, as well as developing routines and schedules.

    SocialThinking: Help Your Kids Become Whole Body Listeners (Website Article)

    This particular article discusses how to teach your child to be a whole body listener, as well as games to play to teach the skill.

    Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):  Essentials for Parenting Toddlers and Pre-schoolsers (Website)

    Provides a variety of resources and examples of creating routines and structure. 

    Behavior and Learning at Home

     This video below is by the MTSS/SEL Behavior Health and Management Team gives 5 strategies to support student behavior in the home learning environment as well as offering contacts and resources for families to use to assist with creating a strong educational environment in the home setting. 

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    Resources for WCSD Families!




    WCSD  Family Resource Center Flyer with Contact Phone Numbers

    Family Resource Center Locations Flyer

    The Family Resource Center Program is funded by a grant from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Office of Community Partnerships and Grants. 

    What is a Family Resource Center (FRC)? 

    A Family Resource Center is a safe and friendly place to go for many different types of resources when families need help. 

    Who Can Get Help? The Family Resource Center serves anyone who lives in the surrounding community. There are no income qualifications to use the Family Resource Center, although some referrals to other services may be limited according to income guidelines. The Family Resource Center serves children, teens, parents, single adults, and seniors.

    What services does the Family Resource Center offer?

    Resources/Referrals: All of the Family Resource Center sites offer resource and referral services. Individuals may call the Family Resource Center for information and referrals to resources in the community which may be able to help meet basic needs or provide other forms of assistance. Staff is available to assist families with identifying needs and to help them locate the resources to potentially meet those needs. Families with minor or school aged children can enroll in the Family Success Program.

    Family Success Program: The Family Success Program is a voluntary program that consists of an initial discussion to determine the needs of the family and then links the family with appropriate community and government resources. A plan is made with the family to help set goals and action steps necessary to meet those goals. The plan is tailored to address the unique needs of the family and will likely require additional appointments. Families who are taking action and making progress towards attaining their goals may be eligible for additional services.

    On-going Support: Staff members of the Family Resource Center provide on-going support to families. They are available to help with budgeting, goal setting, and problem solving. They are also available to assist you in obtaining services through advocacy and interventions with other community agencies.

     Kids' Sadness about COVID19  

    Second Step Resources for Educators and Families

     Educators and families can now access Second Step Emotion Management lessons for Grades K–5 on-demand, along with support materials for each lesson. All lessons are free (no login required) and feature our own Committee for Children staff, who also happen to be experienced teachers and counselors.
    Kindergarten Lessons
    Grade 1 Lessons
    Grade 2 Lessons
    Grade 3 Lessons
    Grade 4 Lessons
    Grade 5 Lessons

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    Counselor with Students  

    "Parent, when your student seems to be getting tired, frustrated or wiggley and  you are looking for a Brain Break you might want to check out... (Always preview on-line videoes before showing)"

    GoNoodle: Home
    GoNoodle® engages 14 million kids every month with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts.

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    Counselor with Student  

     Zones of Regulation

    We use these zones as a way of helping students to describe their feelings, and to understand them. 

    We use Zones of Regulation for all grades.

    Please click the link below to view the PowerPoint about the Zones of Regulation. 

    3rd-5th Grade Zones of Regulation