Kindergarten Games and Activities  


    Star Resources for KindersStar



    Owl in School   




     Bridges Math

     Star MAP Testing PracticeStar  


    MAP Growth Test Warm-Up 

    MAP Practice

    K-2nd Practice Test with Audio

    NWEA MAP Testing 

    Star MAP Reading FluencyStar  

    MAP Reading Fluency

     Star Educational Games and ActivitiesStar

    cat and book

    Educational Games


     Typing & Mouse Practice

    Computer Skills, Digital Citizenship,  & Internet Safety

    Other Fun Websites



    Keyboard zoo 

    Cyber 5 Internet Safety

     Nick JR  

    Starfall Logo


    Kids Typing 

    Brain POP JR


     Disney JR



    Cupstack Typing

     Find the Tech

    PBS Kids

    Alphabet Bubbles Game


    Letter Leaper

    Pointer Tutorial

    Go Noodle 


    Teach Me Typing

    Code Quest

    This is Sand Game

    Sesame Street 

        Typing Rocket JR

    Creature Features

    SciGirls Videos



    Keyboard Challenge 



     Same & Different Game    

    Ghost Typing


    Nat Geo Logo

         Make a Cupcake



    Highlights Kids 


    Make a Cookie



     Short A Words


     Make a Pizza



    Break the Bank     

    Create a Car



    Letter Matching 


    Make a Backpack



    Tracing Letters & Numbers


     Make an Ice Cream Sundae



    Counting Fish 


     Bubble Shooter



    Sight Word Bingo 


    Take a Trip 



    Blue Ribbon Blitz


    Alphabet Slider





      Star Learning About the Computer and Its Parts Star  

    What is a Computer?

     Uses of the Computer
    Parts of the Computer
    The Mouse
    The Keyboard
     Do's and Don'ts of the Computer