Kindergarten Games and Activities  


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    Owl in School   

    Kindergarten Mouse Practice

    Skills Builder_Code.Org



    This is Sand  

     Bridges Math

     Star MAP Testing PracticeStar  


    MAP Growth Test Warm-Up 

    MAP Practice

    K-2nd Practice Test with Audio

    NWEA MAP Testing 

    Star MAP Reading FluencyStar  

    MAP Reading Fluency

     Star Educational Games and ActivitiesStar

    cat and book

    Educational Games


     Typing & Mouse Practice

    Computer Skills, Digital Citizenship,  & Internet Safety

    Other Fun Websites



    Keyboard zoo 

    Cyber 5 Internet Safety

     Nick JR  

    Starfall Logo


    Keyboard Zoo 2

    Brain POP JR


     Disney JR



    Cupstack Typing

     Find the Tech

    PBS Kids



    Kids Typing 


    Go Noodle 





    Sesame Street 

        Typing Rocket JR  




    Keyboard Challenge 



     Same & Different Game    

    Ghost Typing


    Nat Geo Logo

         Make a Cupcake



    Highlights Kids 


    Make a Cookie



     Short A Words


     Make a Pizza



    Break the Bank     

    Create a Car



    Letter Matching 


    Make a Backpack



    Tracing Letters & Numbers


     Make an Ice Cream Sundae



    Counting Fish 


     Bubble Shooter



    Sight Word Bingo 


    Take a Trip 





      Star Learning About the Computer and Its Parts Star  

    What is a Computer?

     Uses of the Computer
    Parts of the Computer
    The Mouse
    The Keyboard
     Do's and Don'ts of the Computer