Van Gorder Music


    Welcome to Van Gorder Music with Mrs. Watkins!!

    Van Gorder Music

    Mrs. Watkins's Message to our Redhawk Families!

    Love Mrs. Watkins

    Mrs. Watkins




    Sing A Longs with Mrs. Watkins 

     Teaching Music


    Shake My Sillies Out


    Family Rounds


    Family Rounds 2


    Windy Weather


    Someone is Wearing


    Hi Lo




    Teaching Music  


    Music for ALL Grades 


    Wake Up! School Assembly Song and Dance 

    Roller Coaster Voice Warm-Up for Vocal Exploration



    Let’s Learn about the Treble Clef.

    “Gina and the Treble Clef”



    Sing Along “Over in the Meadow”


     Read Aloud of the Book “ Over in the Meadow”


    Let’s make a Maracas with Plastic Bottles



     Let’s Learn about the Speed in the Music 

    “The Music Show Ep.5: Presto is Fast, Largo is Slow”


    Rhythm Lesson: Using Syllables and Signs for Each Note


    String Instruments for Kids


    4 Easy to Make Musical Instruments


    Goodbye Song