Counseling Corner --- August 2020

Lemmon Valley Elementary Counselors

Colleen Tuttle 1st, 4th, and 5th

Selena Large K, 2nd, and 3rd


Our Vision:

We empower all students to thrive as active citizens and successful learners within a safe, socially, and emotionally supportive counseling program.

Our Mission:

Supporting students to be empowered by the belief that all learners are valued, our school's counseling program equips students with the academic, social-emotional, and career development skills necessary to confidently navigate their paths to success, aligning with the ASCA vision of every student achieving lifelong well-being through comprehensive school counseling. 


Family and student resources

Calming Corner Link:

Resources for Families Link:


Contact Information: 

Colleen Tuttle (1st, 4th & 5th):  

Selena Large (K, 2nd, & 3rd):

School Phone: 775-677-5460