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  • Uniform Policy (Revised 2022)

    General Policies

    • Students are expected to be well groomed and in school uniforms, apart from “No uniform” days.
    • Picture Day, Dollar Dress Down Day, and other special days will be considered “No uniform days”. Written and/or oral communication will inform parents of these days throughout the year.
    • Uniform shirts with the Lemmon Valley ES logo can be purchased through Kate’s Logos. 
    • Royal blue polo shirts without a logo may be purchased from other local stores like, Wal-Mart.
    • Navy/Khaki/Black or Blue/Black denim material uniform pants, skirts, and shorts may be purchased from other local stores like, Wal-Mart.


    • Polo style shirts in Royal Blue color.  Shirts with the Lemmon Valley logo can be ordered through Kate’s Logos.
    • Students may wear a royal blue polo shirt without the Lemmon Valley logo on it, but it must be plain.
    • Shirts should fit appropriately and not be more than one size larger than the student’s body size.
    • No logos, designs or pictures on any shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt unless it is the Lemmon Valley logo.
    • Undershirts or layering shirts in the winter may be worn.  Only solid colored Black, Royal Blue, Gray or White will be allowed for layering.  (No visible logos/designs are permitted).
    • Shirts may not be tied or banded in the back to make them look shorter.


    • Solid colored Royal Blue sweatshirts or sweaters may be worn inside and outside the classroom but must be free of logos or pictures/designs, unless the sweater/sweatshirt has the Lemmon Valley logo purchased through our approved vendor, Kate’s Logo’s.
    • Sweaters/sweatshirts that are a different color, have logos, pictures, and designs are permitted and may be worn outside of the classroom only (not indoors).


    • Navy/Khaki/Black color uniform pants and Blue/Black denim material.
    • Jeans must be well fit. No stitching, or bling on jeans.
    • Girls may wear leggings in khaki, blue, or black solid colors. No designs or print on leggings is permitted.
    • No more than one size larger than the waist.  (Belt should be worn if needed)
    • No low rise, bagging, sagging, or dragging of pants.

    Walking Shorts or Skirts/Skorts

    • Navy/Khaki/Black or Blue/Black denim material color uniform shorts or skirts/skorts only.
    • Must be fingertip length. (When hands are at your side, shorts or skirt should not be shorter than fingers.)


    • No flip-flops or sandals without back straps.
    • Shoes should fit appropriately.


    • Hats are not to be worn in the school building. Hats are permitted on Hat Day.
    • Hair accessories may be worn.

    Dress Code Consequences

    All students at Lemmon Valley Elementary School are expected to comply with the Uniform Policy.  The following consequences will be followed.

    1st Offense

    • Student will receive a verbal reminder.
    • Parents/Guardians will be called and asked to bring a uniform shirt and/or appropriate bottoms.

    2nd & 3rd Offense

    • Parents/Guardians will be called by the FACE Liaison to discuss the Uniform Policy and problem-solve strategies to comply with the Dress Code.
    • Parents/Guardians will be asked to bring an appropriate change of clothes.
    • Loss of privilege.

    4th  Offense

    • Parents/Guardians will receive a phone call from the Principal/Assistant Principal to discuss policy/expectations, consequences, and next steps for support to following the Uniform Policy moving forward.


    Families in need of financial assistance should contact the front office at 775-677-5460 to work out a plan to ensure all students are dressed appropriately for school. If assistance for washing uniforms is needed, school and families will make a plan to support with this need at the school site.

Last Modified on April 7, 2024