School Expectations (PAWS for Success)

  • PAWS for Success!





    Choose words carefully. Respect property. Dress for Success

    Report problems immediately. Leave gum at home. Pick up after yourself.

    Hands, feet to yourself. Think before you act.


    Raise you hand. Listen carefully

    Be on time. Be prepared. Do your best.

    Pay attention. Use supplies properly.


    Soft voices

    Walk in 1s and 2s facing forward. Hands off walls, to yourself.

    Get to where you are going. Slow feet. Hands, feet to self.


    Include everyone. Share equipment.

    After bell, line up immediately. Care for equipment properly.

    Follow rules of game. Stay in your area. Watch out for others.

    Multipurpose Room: lunch, assemblies, music

    Soft, inside voices. Follow Directions. Use good manners.

    1 squirt of sanitizer. Use time wisely. Pick up after yourself.

    Eat your own food. Stay in seat until dismissed. Walk slowly, facing forward.


    Wait for your turn. Soft Voices

    Tend to your business. Leave quietly.

    Always have a pass with you.


    Keep it clean, quick, and quiet.

    Go, flush, wash, leave.

    Use fixtures properly. Report problems immediately to an adult.

    Arrival and Dismissal

    Listen carefully to adults. Use kind words.

    Walk to your playground area when arriving. After bell, line up by assigned area, or go directly to bus line.

    Stay in assigned area. Get to where you are going.


    Soft, inside voices. Respect your driver at all times.

    Listen and follow driver's directions. Take all belongings with you when exiting.

    Once seated, stay seated. Keep belongings, hands and feet to self. Keep aisle clear.

Last Modified on August 22, 2019