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  • Welcome to the Parent Resource Area!

    The staff at Towles Elementary School works together with parents, families and caregivers to provide an academically rigorous curriculum in a safe, positive, and orderly environment that ensures all students are on the pathway to college or career readiness. Working together, all stakeholders can provide the necessary support children need to become academically and socially successful. 

    The impact of family involvement plays a critical role in the success of student achievement in both academic and social emotional learning.  Here are a few reasons why we appreciate parental involvement:

    1. Improved academic performance: Students whose parents are involved tend to do better academically than those whose parents are less involved.

    2. Better social skills: Children whose parents are involved in their education are more likely to develop better social skills as they are exposed to a wider range of interactions and experiences.

    3. Higher self-esteem and confidence: Students whose parents are involved in their education tend to have higher self-esteem and confidence.

    4. Enhanced communication skills: Parents who are involved in their children's education tend to have better communication skills and are better equipped to support their child's learning.

    5. Stronger parent-teacher relationships: Parent involvement helps create stronger relationships between parents and teachers, which in turn can lead to better communication and cooperation.

    6. Reduced absences and tardiness: When parents are involved in their children’s education, students are more likely to attend school regularly and be punctual.

    7. Improved behavior: Children of involved parents tend to exhibit better behavior in the classroom, leading to a more positive learning environment.

    8. Increased motivation: Parental involvement can increase students' motivation to succeed in school and to prioritize their education.

    9. Greater sense of responsibility: Children whose parents are involved in their education tend to develop a greater sense of responsibility, accountability, and ownership over their own learning.

    10. Better attainment of goals: When parents are involved in creating goals for their child's education and supporting their child's progress towards those goals, students are more likely to achieve academic success.