• There are 3 areas to drop-off/pickup your child at Desert Heights Elementary School.

    1. Mt. Bismark Street (Front of the school)

    2. Echo Avenue (North side of the building)

    3. Mt. Babcock Street (Back of the school)


    • Mt. Bismark Street (Parking Lot)- Parents can either choose to park their car and walk their child around the building or drop-off their child on the side of the building.  We only ask that if parents are dropping off, that they should remain in their cars.  Do not park your car in the bus lane in front of the school.


    • Echo Avenue (Kiss & Drop)- Parents can drop of their child on Echo Avenue.  We ask that parents drive forward as mich as they can so they do not hold up traffic.


    • Mt. Babcock Street (Back of the school)- Parents can drop off their child in the back of the school.  Please be cautious of students in all of the crosswalks and please do not park in non-parking areas.  These areas are enforced by school police.

Map of Dropoff

Drop off Map