Standard Student Attire/Uniform Policy

  • As specified in the Washoe County School District Administrative Regulation (5102), the dress or grooming of all students provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all students in which the focus is on learning. Desert Heights Elementary School uniform policy aligns with the districts regulations. 

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    Desert Heights Standard Student Attire/Uniform Policy



    • The approved uniform shirt is a navy blue or black with the approved Desert Heights Elementary School logo or may be plain.  



    • Blue, black, or khaki jeans or slacks, shorts, leggings/jeggings that must be 85% black or khaki (light tan or brown). No other colors shall be allowed.



    • Must be 85% black or khaki (tan or brown). No other colors shall be allowed.



    • Sweatshirts and sweaters are considered outerwear and shall comply with the approved dress code.         



    • Permitted over the uniform in accordance with the school’s dress code. Jackets, coats, and zippered sweatshirts are considered outerwear.         


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