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    Become a Volunteer

    Below are some ways you can volunteer at Sepulveda Elementary School.

    • Classroom Activities (cutting, laminating, copying, assisting in small group activities)
    • School Duties (assist with lunchroom duty, outside recess)
    • School Events
    • Yearbook

     To become a volunteer, you must do the following:

    Step 1:  Read the Volunteers Procedures Manual and Frequently Asked Questions

    Step 2:  Fill and submit an Application (English) / Application (Spanish) and a copy of the front and back of your state issued identification card.

    Step 3:  Sign and submit the Confidentiality Agreement.

    Step 3:  Make sure Dr. Paul, Sepulveda’s principal, signs your application.

    Step 4:  Only when your application is signed, schedule a fingerprinting appointment.


    Not all volunteers must get fingerprinted.  Below is a list volunteer work that require fingerprinting.

    • Volunteers who work with students or chaperone students without staff members present (even for only one day a year).
    • Volunteers who volunteer for overnight trips.
    • Volunteers who volunteer for out of state trips (even for only one day).