• Definition

    The term “bullying”, according to Washoe County School district, includes, but is not limited to: Repeated or pervasive taunting, name-calling, belittling, mocking or use of put-downs or demeaning humor regarding the actual or perceived protected class; Behavior that is intended to harm another person by damaging or manipulating his or her relationships with others by spreading false rumors; Repeated or pervasive nonverbal threats or intimidation such as the use of aggressive, menacing or disrespectful gestures; Blackmail, extortion or demands for protection money or involuntary loans or donations; Blocking access to any property or facility of a school; Stalking.

    Mandatory reporting by staff

    A teacher, administrator, principal, coach or other staff member who witnesses bullying or receives information that bullying has occurred shall report the violation to the principal/designee as soon as practicable, but not later than a time during the same day on which the violation was witnessed or information received regarding the occurrence of a violation.

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