Office Information

Brown Elementary School
13815 Spelling Court
Reno, NV  89521
Office phone number
Office Hours
8:00 - 4:00
School Hours
   Wednesday: 9:30-2:45

School Times:

  • Students are allowed on the playground starting at 9:08am.
    • For the safety of all students, please ensure your student does not come to the playground before 9:08am, we do not have anyone on duty.
  • The first bell rings at 9:23am
    • Teachers will pick up their students from the playground and head into class. This gives students time to unpack, unload and be prepared and ready to learn by 9:30am.
    • Please plan to drop your students off before 9:23am, at 9:30am students will have to come through the single point of entry and will be marked as tardy.
  • On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, students are dismissed at 3:30pm. On Wednesdays, students are dismissed at 2:45pm. This early hour out is utilized by teachers to work collaboratively together to discuss our students and continue to improve our instruction on a weekly basis. We truly appreciate having this time and we sincerely thank you for making arrangements to pick up your students at 2:45pm on Wednesday’s. Thank you!