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    Model PLC

    National Model PLC School!


    Welcome to Brown Elementary!


    Thank you all for your continued support! We appreciate all of your time, energy, and working collaboratively with our staff to ensure all of our students have a fantastic year at Brown Elementary!

    Brown Elementary continues to be recognized as a National Model PLC School. PLC stands for Professional Learning Community and means that our staff works collaboratively to ensure our students are learning at high levels. Our staff works diligently to focus on improving instruction and learning for our students on a daily/weekly basis. As a staff, we created our H.O.P.E Collective Commitments. The Early Release Professional Development, and any full day scheduled PD is our time to collaboratively work to improve instruction for all of our students.

    We continue to pursue high academic expectations with a continued focus on Academic Content Essential Standards through dynamic, quality teaching, incredible parent involvement and positive behavioral supports (PBiS) embedding Social and Emotional Learning standards.

    We have lots of events and activities scheduled throughout the year! We welcome parent involvement and support and appreciate all volunteers. Please be sure to sign up for PTO and volunteer for our fantastic events we have scheduled. Please note: every adult has to fill out the volunteer paperwork every new school year, to volunteer in the building. I cannot express how much our entire staff & student body appreciates all of our parents and how much you do to help us each and every school day! J

    Thank you for following our Kiss-n-Drop procedures and helping the Kiss-n-Drop zones run smooth and effectively. It truly saves time and space when everyone pulls as far south/forward as possible before stopping to drop off students. We also appreciate you not stopping in the bus lanes/areas, crosswalks, and red zones, and Western Skies Drive.

    We are 100% digital, we try to give you communication on upcoming events on a weekly basis, and our website is being updated weekly. Please check out the website and our calendar to see what is coming up soon!

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to stop in and see me, call or email at abryan@washoeschools.net.


    We look forward to a Fantastic School Year!


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    Principal Bryan


    2023 Model PLC