• Kiss and Drop Policy for Student Drop Off/Pick Up

    Please familiarize yourself with these procedures to improve the efficiency and safety of this area for everyone.

    1. When dropping off or picking up your student, please proceed safely and slowly from Reading Way onto Spelling Court.
    2. As you enter the street, there are Kiss-n-Drop zones on both sides of the one-way street. Please head south and proceed to the farthest south spot available on either side of Spelling Court. DO NOT STOP IN FRONT THE BUS LOADING ZONE TO DROP OFF STUDENTS, proceed as far south as possible no matter what grade level your child is in. Once you have dropped off your students, check for cars and pull back into the flow of southbound traffic on Spelling Court. If you want to walk your student, or need to get out of your car to unload your students, please drive all the way through Spelling Court and park in the east parking lot and walk your student using the designated crosswalks. (There is no parking in the staff parking lot south of the bldg., except for handicap sticker/plate vehicles.)
    3. ‘Kiss-and-Drop’ safety patrol will be available to assist your student(s) in loading or unloading. You help keep this process quick by making sure that backpacks and other items are ready to go.
    4. The safety patrol can then close your vehicle door and indicate that you are ready to proceed. Please look carefully before entering into traffic flow.
    5. Please do not use your mobile phone at all while you are in the school zone; this takes your attention away from the very important task of watching out for all students, pedestrians and other vehicles.
    6. No parking is allowed on Spelling Court. Please do not leave your car unattended while waiting for your student. This includes parents who are waiting for students at the end of the day or parents who visit the school during the day. If you need to get out of your vehicle to drop your student off or to pick up your student, please park in the east parking lot.
    7. There are handicap parking spots available for those who need it in the staff parking lot. There is no parking or waiting for students in the staff parking lot. We do not have staff on duty.
    8. Please use ALL CROSSWALKS on Reading Way, Spelling Court and Western Skies. Please do not try to cross through traffic or school buses. Keeping our students safe is priority #1, all adults need to model that for our students.

    Thank you for following the Kiss-n-Drop procedure, it helps make Brown Elementary a safe and friendly place for all families.


    *Bus zones: Anyone picking up students on the north side of the building; please use the sidewalk and the CROSSWALK. No student or adult should be walking through the buses. Everyone should be utilizing the side-walk and crosswalks ONLY.


    *Kid Zone parents can ONLY park on Spelling Court before 9:00am and after 4:00pm